Inside the Pashley Factory

Ever wondered what the inside of the Pashley factory looks like? While not quite Willy Wonka’s for bikes, it’s pretty close.

Here is a nice article by the UK’s Daily Mail about Pashley.

Check out the photos of celebs riding their Pashleys (especially Ewan McGregor and his little dog, on the very cool Guv’nor). Not a helmet or hi-viz vest among them.

Here is that link again.


One thought on “Inside the Pashley Factory

  1. I love the way the article’s tagline includes the phrase “Who needs 21 speeds?”, obviously intended to contrast the ZOMG CUTTING EDGE OF CYCLING TECHNOLOGY vs the time-tested & true manufacture done by Pashley. I’m guessing the subeditor rode a mountain bike in the mid 90s and remembers 21 speeds as the most awesomely complex and expensive set-up possible.


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