Useful contacts

When should you call 111?

As soon as a road user does something that gives you a fright. If you’re not sure whether something qualifies, call 111 anyway and they’ll help you work out what to do.

If you just want to report bad road user behaviour but you don’t want charges laid, fill out the online Community Roadwatch Report.

WCC contact details

If there are any problems such as glass on the road or cars parked in the bike lanes, call the Council on 04 801 4444 OR use their txt service, the number for which is 3400. The contractor gets notified immediately and can go & sort it out pronto.

For less urgent requests, use WCC’s FixIt service (also available as a smartphone app)

Alternatively, log glass, poor infrastructure etc on Fix My Street. This works for anywhere in New Zealand.

Road Safety

Critical Mass Sydney has instructions on how not to get hit by cars. We highly recommend checking this out.

Campbell Live’s video report on sharing the road looks at the story from both perspectives.

Want to know how cycling affects your personal finances?

This calculator assesses your individual situation.

NZ Bike Registry

Register your bike at the New Zealand Bicycle Registry. It’s free, and if your bike gets stolen you can notify the Registry so that the police can match your bike to your details when they recover it. You can even search the Registry (for free) to see if the second-hand bike you’re about to buy has been reported on the Registry as stolen.