Showers, Bike parks … oh and car parks

Corner of Featherston and Ballance Streets

Seems like a dream location for city commuters to work at… and apparently it exists!

I was quite surprised to see this sign the other day. Seems like some landlords and real estate agents have realised that cycling facilities are worth it… now to convince the council!


2 thoughts on “Showers, Bike parks … oh and car parks

  1. I used to work in this building a few years ago. It’s got a good lot of bike parking underneath. The showers were OK (some issues with how long it took a few of them to warm up properly), and they were heavily used. Not least by people coming back from lunchtime runs: it’s worth remembering that cyclists aren’t the only ones who benefit from cycle-friendly infrastructure. 😉


  2. Jack J. Jiang

    Strange how we are still trying to convince the authorites, wouldn’t having an alternative mode of transport benifit everyone?


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