Bunny Street

Bunny Street

Illustration by CAW

There’s two parts to Bunny Street that are important to people on bikes

Bunny Street ‘East’

This is the current more popular connection between the Thorndon Quay route and the waterfront.   The Council does see Whitmore Street as becoming the preferred cycling connection instead, as this area is in front of the Railway station should be focused on pedestrians.   Whitmore Street is intended to have cycle lanes that create the safe connection with the waterfront.

Bunny Street ‘West’

A shortcut used by a number of cyclists as a connection between the Thorndon Quay route and the Lambton Quay north and The Terrace areas.   The Council is making two improvements here:

  • Making the right turn from Featherston Street into Bunny Street legal for cyclists travelling south-east bound.
  • Allowing cyclists to travel contraflow to get from Lambton Quay to Featherston St North.

This will still leave a couple of concerns to address:

  • To turn right into Bunny Street ‘West’ from Lambton Quay has many cyclists using the “Bus Only” lane just before the bus station.   WCC has no power to change this to a bus lane that can be shared by cyclists, so CAW have an action to talk to GWRC instead.
  • Most cyclists wanting to get from Thorndon Quay to Bunny Street ‘West’ will use the median strip along Featherston Street.   This strip has recently been reduced in size to make way for a north-bound cycle lane between Bunny Street and Thorndon Quay.  Cyclists also have to get across two lanes of south bound traffic to get in a position at the Thorndon Quay-Mulgrave St lights to get to median strip.  Both involve risks and cause frustration for drivers.

How you can help

  • Post your ideas of how the Bunny Street route can be improved
  • Share with care: slow down, be kind to pedestrians and give way to them at the crossings.


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