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Journey planner

Greater Wellington Regional Council has a very useful cycling (and walking) journey planning tool which suggests an A to B route that avoids the worst of the hills – to the extent that such a thing is possible in Wellington! The journey planner combines the functionality of Google Maps with useful local knowledge and includes an (extremely relevant) altitude graph.

Wellington Cycling Atlas  shows cycle routes in the region, with attached descriptions.  It allows routes to be displayed on top of Google, Open Streetmap, & LINZ topomaps.

The first stage of the Great Harbour Way is complete! Most of the route is already accessible. Check out the website for details and a route map.

For offroad tracks, see the excellent

Wellington Region blackspots map. Zoom out for a view of the whole region.

Regional Cycling Maps are published by Greater Wellington Regional Council, the maps are designed to help cyclists choose a route that suits their individual needs and preferences. They include information such as:

  • Sealed and unsealed off-road paths (in bright orange)
  • On-road cycle lanes and road shoulders wider than 1m (in green)
  • Steep and very steep grades on through roads
  • Altitude at the top of key cycling routes
  • Busy arterial roads and highways (in yellow and red)
  • Speed limits in excess of 50 kph
  • Location of bike shops and other points of interest
  • Safe cycling tips
  • Top online cycle commuter resources

The three, double-sided, A2 maps are:

  • Wellington City
  • Hutt Valley (and Wairarapa)
  • Kapiti and Porirua

They are available, free, from bike shops, information centres and reception at Greater Wellington Regional Council’s Wakefield Street office. PDFs of the maps are at


Porirua City Council has the Porirua Pathfinder, an interactive mapping system showing the cycleways and walkways in the area.

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