Accessorise your bike – beautiful bike bags!

We’ve posted about Claire’s Beautiful Bike Bags before, but I thought it might be worth doing a user review, having owned one for almost a year.

I’ve never been a pannier or basket kinda girl. In Holland baskets were quickly stolen, and my Oma’s pannier bag was a bit of an embarrassment when I took her bike for a spin (it was older than her bike, which is clocking up to a healthy looking 30 years. The pannier wasn’t healthy looking in any way). I found a satchel or just a handbag worked just fine. I became very experienced at dangling numerous shopping bags over my handlebars. Which is all fine and well if you ride home over a bike path on the flat.

The 'bagatelle'

Last year I was introduced to Claire’s bags, and fell in love. My husband picked up on this and bought me one for my birthday. It’s been on my bike ever since. I’ve got a ‘bagatelle’ which comfortably holds my handbag, a jacket, even a laptop or a bottle of wine – all at the same time. It’s surprisingly spacious and not too clunky to carry. The clips on the back can be zipped over so you can use it as a handbag. It doesn’t have a clip at the bottom, which may concern some people, but the bag is reinforced and stiff enough that it never swings away from the rack. Also the bottom is made of a sturdy rubber, so putting it down on the footpath isn’t a concern. And, it comes with a rain cover – just in case you get caught out.

Very unflattering photo of bag in action

Since owning my bag I’ve had many comments and compliments on it. Often getting stopped at the lights by someone wondering where to get them. Even the Mayor was interested! My only complaint is that the bag now makes my day-to-day bike look that much more clunky and garish (both of which it is).

The beautiful bike bag is also quite practical for something so pretty. What surprised me most when I started using it, was that not having anything hanging on my shoulders gave me an overwhelming sense of freedom which I hadn’t had on my bike since I was a kid and riding was just for fun!

Of course there are an huge assortment of bags, panniers and baskets which might suit you better. Me, I love my beautiful bike bag!

* Note: I am not sponsored in any way by BBB and sadly receive no commission 😉



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