Wellington Bike Love episode 9: KAIN & JESS with their daughter

Kain, Sonja, and their daughter have been without a car for six years. It began back in Germany with the problem of finding a parking spot and cycling was a good alternative. With the move to Wellington, this did not change. Although a good infrastructure does not exist here yet. “Our daughter doesn’t ride her bicycle here alone as she was used to in Berlin. There is not enough space, cars passing by too close, ”mentions Jess.

Still, cycling is their favorite mode of transport. “Healthier. An easier way of getting around. No hassle with parking ”describes Kain the main motivators. Their daughter says happily: “It’s good for the environment. Cars aren’t fun. ” And the closeness to water and beaches adds another positive layer for cycling in Wellington.

While the whole family has their own, unique relationship to their bikes, Kain describes it as a close bond. “It is an extension of me. A part of my personality.” For their daughter it is a toy to have fun with and Jess sees it as something functional. But all of them agree that cycling has become an important part of their lives.

[Credit to Stephen Templer and Sean Duffell for the mural artwork that served as background.]

[ By Julia Hilgenfeldt. All stories of the project can be found here: https://julsontheway.com/art-projects/wellington-bike-love.]