Golden Mile – LGWM Presentation

Let’s Get Wellington Moving representatives Selwyn and Seb presented the three Golden Mile options to Cycle Wellington at our meeting on 7th July. The deadline to submit on the concepts is 26th July. Go here to submit your views: – take a look at our submission guide too:

Patrick took some notes for us and I’ve updated them with a bit more background from

  • After consultation, the recommended design could be a blend of options
  • “Closely located bus stops” mean longer journeys due to buses stopping more frequently. Bus stops may be removed to speed up the network
  • After removal, bus stops are still within a 5 minute walk from much of central city for an average person
  • Under most options, there would no dedicated bike lanes except on Courtenay Place, which forms part of the strategic central city cycling network
Possible layout of Courtenay Place
( – page 150)
  • People on bikes are still permitted on the Golden Mile in all three concepts. WCC is working on the cycling network as part of the City Streets programme. It’s unknown what routes this would take, but it wouldn’t be Lambton. It could be a two-way bike lane on Featherston Street.
  • Removal of private motor vehicles, side street intersections and 30 km/h speeds means less risk to people on bikes, scooters and foot. Cycling crashes along the Golden Mile are most likely to happen at intersections and as a result of entering/leaving car parks as well as car ‘dooring’
  • Most options expand pedestrian and shared space
  • Access for people who rely on motor vehicle access e.g. due to disability, could be from side streets
  • Motor vehicle deliveries could be restricted during the day. Bike courier deliveries not restricted
  • Light Rail is not part of these proposals. Bus priority on Golden Mile could remain alongside a future LRT route (which is likely not to be on Golden Mile)
  • Higher costs of the Transform option are, in part, due to higher spec materials
  • The Grey St / Lambton Quay intersection is an example of how side streets would be rebuilt in the Transform option:
Projects - Grey Street pocket square - Wellington City Council

Intersections at Willis/Manners/Boulcott, and Courtenay/Taranaki/Dixon pose some problems.

LGWM are running a series of presentations to stakeholders in the coming weeks, they also have a pop-up at the Te Ara Taiao container at the end of Bond Street showing plans to people as they pass by on Willis Street: