Golden Mile Submission Guide

A look at a possible future for Courtenay Place


We’re excited at the possibility for transformational change through Wellington’s city center. We recommend supporting Concept 3: Transform as this is the only option that will provide separated space for cyclists of all ages and abilities to travel along sections of the Golden Mile.

Here’s the link to make your submission:

30 Second submission?

Go for one of these three super-quick options:

2 Minute submission?

Skip to step 4 and support separated cycle lanes and the removal of all vehicle traffic other than buses.

In Step 5, give your support to Concept 3 for all streets to allow space for dedicated cycle infrastructure.

In for the long haul?

Concept 1: Streamline

We like:

  • Closing off some side streets will be a significant improvement for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport
  • Repurposing parking spaces to increase footpath space by 30%

We don’t like:

  • No provision of cycling infrastructure anywhere along the route
  • Allowing general traffic on the Golden Mile will reduce safety and amenity for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Buses will still face significant delays caused by interference of general vehicle traffic along Courtenay Place, Willis Street and Lambton Quay

Concept 2: Prioritise

We like the same good things as Concept 1, but in addition:

  • Closing more side streets to make it easier to walk along Lambton Quay
  • Removing general traffic will make the Golden Mile a safer and more attractive place to be
  • Removing general traffic will make it quicker and easier to travel through the city by bus or bike

We don’t like:

  • Still no provision of cycling infrastructure anywhere along the route
  • Keeping four lanes for buses will result in a more dangerous environment for cyclists and pedestrians and could encourage unsafe behaviour from bus drivers. We don’t think this will result in a noticeable improvement in bus travel times over option 3

Concept 3: Transform

We like the same good things as Concept 1 and 2, but in addition:

  • This is the only concept that will allow for dedicated space for cyclists and scooters. This is especially important for the parts of the Golden Mile that are planned to be part of the city center cycling network.
  • Closing almost all the side streets along the Golden Mile will leave only 4 intersections along the length where cyclists and pedestrians will have to interact with general traffic (down from 15 currently).
  • Reducing the road width will result in a massive 75% increase to footpath space.

We don’t like:

  • We’re not sure if buses need to remain along the entire length of the Golden Mile. Maybe this change can be made in the future if rapid transit is introduced.

Cycling and Scooters

We think it’s a great idea to have cycle lanes along Courtenay Place and Lambton Quay to make it easy for people on bikes to travel to work and shop at business along the route. We recommend that cycle lanes are separated, both from buses and from pedestrians. This makes it rideable for people of all ages and abilities.

A newly built separated cycle lane in Auckland

Other vehicle access

We don’t think regular access for vehicles other than buses should be allowed except in exceptional circumstances. If they are to be allowed, then we think it should only be between midnight and 7am so as to not conflict with regularly scheduled bus services.

Public spaces

Have your say on what you’d like to see from our public spaces. We encourage a “place making” approach, where people have several reasons to visit such as green spaces, seating, art, retail, bike parking, wifi, charging points.

An example of a place where Wellingtonians enjoy spending time


We strongly recommend supporting concept 3 for all streets as it is the only option that will allow for the provision of cycling infrastructure along parts of the route.

Removing a lane along Willis Street in concept 3 should allow a separated space for cyclists and scooters to be created. This would be in line with the planned Central City Cycling Network. We’re not sure why it hasn’t been included at this stage of the planning.

Where the road is too narrow for cycling infrastructure to be provided we think cyclists and scooters should be allowed to travel along the route by marking the route as a ‘bus lane’. Current ‘bus-only’ lanes make it illegal to travel southbound on Willis Street or along Manners Street by bike.

Where side streets are closed access should be provided for cyclists to travel to and from these onto the Golden Mile. Bond St and Grey St are examples, although the connections could be improved.

Come along to our monthly meeting on July 7th, 6pm at the sustainability trust to talk to Let’s Get Wellington Moving representatives and ask any further questions you might have.