Lets get Political

Local body elections are coming up, and we think it’s worth making cycling an issue.

The more people are talking about it (and asking questions, sending emails, signing petitions, etc), the more all the councillors and candidates will take cycling seriously. This is win-win for us – segregated cycle lanes are awesome, (as those of you who have experienced them overseas will know) and will get more people cycling, which makes it safer for everyone.

So what can you do?

  • Email councillors and those standing for council (scroll down for the list*) councillors tell them that YOU want them as councillors to (list quoted from the Love Cycling page);
  1. Have safe cycle routes to all schools and cycle lanes on all main recreational and commuter routes.
  2. Increase off road options for recreation and commuting that integrate with on road options.
  3. Dedicate a level of financial and human resources that reflect the popularity of biking and is equitable to that given to other transport, recreation and cultural infrastructure
  4. Allocate $24 per head in 2014 to improving cycling infrastructure(to see what WCC currently spends per head)

*Mayor and Councillors are listed at


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