Wellington Bike Love episode 3: Mathew

More mountain biking was Mathew’s intention while buying his current bicycle. The intention shifted, and now it is primarily used to commute from Khandallah to the CBD. For him, flexibility is the key. “I would rather go when I want to go instead of sitting and waiting for public transport.”

With that, other benefits came along. Especially during rush hour, he realised cycling is quicker than by bus or car. It has less environmental impact and the exercise puts him in a good mood, feeling healthy and energised after his 20-minute ride. A win-win situation.

Although, he enjoys cycling alone, together with his wife would be even better. She hasn’t the “boldness you currently need to cycle in Wellington” as Mathew describes it.

Parked cars which narrow the streets more, people who don’t indicate and open their car doors without looking are the main factors. He always plans his route to avoid congested roads.

But Mathew sees change is already happening, with the 30km/h zones as an example. It is just a matter of time. With more improvement around the infrastructure, his wife might feel more confident to join him and cycle the scenic route home along the waterfront.

Mathew spent some time choosing his bicycle for his current needs. He really likes it. “I think it’s a cool one,” he says.

[ By Julia Hilgenfeldt. All stories of the project can be found here: https://julsontheway.com/art-projects/wellington-bike-love.]