What do you want? Cycle Aware wants to know!



Got a cool ride?  Maybe you also got a cool opinion or two?  Share them!

Cycle Aware Wellington wants you!  Or your input, anyway.  As it sets its priorities for the coming year, Cycle Aware is looking for feedback from the community. Please take a moment to complete the online survey so Cycle Aware can strut through the halls of City Hall supported by the orchestra of voices in the riding community.

Consider the sweet dual purpose of this survey: you get to share your thoughts and ideas for Wellington bike policies and events AND you get to take your place among the growing ranks of bike-riders calling for a bike-friendlier city.

Cycle Aware Wellington is the local arm of Cycling Advocates Network.  They want to see “cycling used as a means of transport by most people for some trips each month.”  It’s not really that lofty a goal, is it?  I mean, just a little hop to the corner store could count.  Or, how about this crazy trip: On June 7, you could hop on your ride and zoom over to the super cool Library on Courtenay Place to attend the monthly CAW meeting.  It’s from 6 pm to 7:30 pm.  Take the survey, then get involved!  Come on then, get on and go.




UPDATE: Just an update on CAW meeting location for anyone reading this old post. They have moved to the Sustainability Trust on Forresters Lane (off Tory St). See can.org.nz/wellington for latest agenda and minutes.


One thought on “What do you want? Cycle Aware wants to know!

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