watch-for-bikes2What fixes can help to make cycling in and around Wellington safer and more enjoyable?

What suggestions for how this can be done in a way that works for the various types of cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, public transport, local residents and businesses?


2 thoughts on “Fixes

  1. Graham

    Seaview bridge entry/exits onto Hutt river trail. In-penetrable anti-cyclist white fence barrier on north side should be replaced with something that doesn’t require dismount – like the port road side has. Approaches onto and off bridge could be made rideable by adding some small concrete triangles to the current right angle bends. Moving the sign post at the apex of the 270 degree corner to get back under the bridge would be nice too


  2. Hi Graham. Are you able to email a photo and map location to We’ll forward it to our Hutt Cycling Network friends to see if they can take this up with their Hutt City Council contacts. That bridge does make for a tricky crossing as it is definitely not designed for cyclists. A shame as it is part of the Rimutaka Cycle Trail. Perhaps time for a bolt on cycle bridge with proper entry/exit points!


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