Bikes are good for business


Biking is good for business

Cyclists shop more often

They spend less on fuel and more in local shops (cyclists are fuelled by coffee and cake!)

  • Based on 3 trips of 2.5km each way (15km) per week, save $1.65 actual and $4.51 health costs per trip, and $1921.73 per year

In fact they spend more than drivers

Approximately 75 per cent of motorists purchase two or less bags of goods, and so could carry their goods by foot or bicycle. Most shopping trips involve distances that could be walked or cycled.

Cyclists don’t take up car parks. In fact you could fit 10 bikes/shoppers in the space of one car.

Retail areas with cycle lanes have reported up to 49% increase in sales (NY).

each square metre allocated to bike parking generates $31 per hour, compared to $6 generated for each square metre used for a car parking space, with food/drink and clothing retailers benefiting the most from bike riders.

Most car trips are under 2km – a distance easily cycled, even by the less fit of us.

One thought on “Bikes are good for business

  1. pedestrian

    And yet one of the dairies in Island Bay is closing because business has gone down dramatically since the cycleway went in. Apparently Island Bay cyclists don’t shop local…


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