CAW August meeting



What if we were able to vote on a bicycle mayor?  Who would we want to vote for?  Who would be that someone who could help to push for more open streets where people have priority over buses, trucks and cars?  Someone who can advocate for sensible cycling infrastructure.  Let’s talk about it this Tuesday!

  • A Bicycle Mayor for Wellington – Patrick
  • Update on Open Streets Wellington / Te Ara Tapare ki Pōneke – Ron
  • Buses and bikes, let’s be friends – TBC
  • A sensible cycling experience – Ron
  • Updates from our meeting with WCC – Linda
  • A new name / logo – Catarina
  • Behaviour change project – Hugh (WCC)

6-7:30pm, Tuesday 7 August, Sustainability Trust, 2 Forrester Lane.

July Meeting

Don’t let the cold weather put you off.
You’ll be warmly welcomed to this month’s meeting.


A bit more of an informal and shorter agenda this month

  • Suggestion for topics to discuss
  • Updates from meetings
    • Regular meeting with NZTA
    • Discussion with the Hon Julie Anne Genter, Associate Minister of Transport
  • How can we ensure more diversity?
  • Planning for Biketober
  • Bike count
  • Rating our Councillors and Mayor

Tuesday 3rd July, 6-7:30pm, Sustainability Trust, 2 Forrester Lane

Notes from June meeting and AGM

  • A smaller crowd due to the bad weather.  
  • Our main topic was Making Berhampore, Newtown & Mt Cook safer for people on bikes
    • Important everyone has a say; we need to use our channels to get people to make their individual submissions.  Simply state why these improvements are important to you.
    • People outside this area can make a submission.
    • Good to see the number of submissions already made, including from kids!
    • WCC have published their stakeholder list but will keep updating this as other stakeholders come forward.
    • Important to the process empowers people in the community to say what ‘good’ looks like for their neighbourhoods and contribute options to make streets / areas feel better.
    • Bikes Welcome are looking how to activate Newtown-Berhampore as Bikes Welcome district.
      • Jo Clendon needs support to talk to businesses / stakeholders
      • Also looking for ideas for promotion during Biketober
      • A reminder that each  of us can refer a business to Bikes Welcome
      • Businesses can think of cyclists as “Wallets on wheels”
      • Idea of a #bikeselfie at businesses
  • We had some other quick topics
    • Alex presented some exciting artwork concepts to help rebrand CAW
      • Great timing as we need to swing into action to adopt the new “Cycle Wellington” name that the committee agreed last year.
      • Opportunity to launch the new name / brand at the Open Street event in October.
      • The Committee will look at the concepts and confirm with Alex.
      • We need to plan for example the branding changes in Facebook.
      • Catarina kindly offered to lead this work with Jill’s help.
    • Pablo discussed the Te Ara Tapere Open Streets event in October
      • Pablo is currently representing us at the planning meetings
      • Alongside a number of other organisations such as Les Mills, Living Streets Aotearoa, GWRC, etc
      • Event will be held for half a day only and will be part of a possible wider BikeTober event, similar to what is held in Christchurch and Auckland.
      • The route is a whole street closure between Post office square and Jesse Street.  Done to avoid undue impacts on bus routes and car traffic.
      • Other routes like Lambton Quay were discussed, but concluded that we give this event and the route our full support.  If it is a success, it gives license to do more and possibly other places.
      • We talked about how it ideally can eventually become a more regular larger central city closure similar to other cities.
      • Idea of activation space that people can use on the day to do performances; does not need to only be ‘official’ activities.
      • Pablo will use Facebook to ask for ideas.
    • Our submission on the Wellington 10 year plan
      • We supported the overall intent but would like to see more urgency
      • Not clear if the final decisions have been made yet – announcement still to come?
    • Updates from WCC about cycling related projects
      • Bike count showed mixed results – weather impact on some days but high numbers recorded on the one day of good weather
      • Permanent counters will help give a clearer picture without weather effects – planning to publish weekly / monthly counts online on the website.
      • New path at Oriental Bay: we submitted that the path needs to be wider. Will this lead to conflict if crocodile bikes use the new path? To be monitored.
      • Hugh working on behaviour stuff.  Action Ron: Invite Hugh to discuss at next meeting
      • People are biking earlier and later along Thorndon Quay to avoid peak traffic
      • Noted the council investigated routing the bike and walking paths behind new petrol stations along Hutt Rd – not an option as this space would need to be purchased and would be more open to vandalism
      • All Hutt Rd exits will have judder bars
      • Council will look at danger of people exiting The Rigi onto Glenmore St without stopping.
      • Lots of project stuff happening in the background; will start becoming more visible.
  • 17:05 Our AGM items (25 mins)
    • The year that was
      • Busy with working groups and submissions
      • A number of wins, but also some losses because of car parking issues
      • Go By Bike Day taken over by WCC.  Good turn out despite weather and less publicity
      • Fantastic Love Cycling Awards event thanks to Jill’s amazing effort
    • Financial status presented by Linda and accepted.
    • Membership status presented by Sridhar.  Clear that new people getting involved are not always aware of the being able to sign up as financial members.
    • Roles
      • Proposed and formally agreed the committee and chair for the coming year
      • Alastair stepping down as secretary
      • Ron will take on role of secretary alongside continuing as the Chair – Sridhar will help with some tasks eg PO Box
      • Rest of the committee happy to continue as is
      • Nick joining the committee – has a focus on environmental law and planning
    • Our focus for the year ahead
      • Rebranding ourselves
      • Continued of focus on working groups and submissions
      • Drive for more paying members and more diverse membership
      • Using the good fit with the new Government transport policy to push our message for better, safer cycling infrastructure
      • Ensuring that LGWM supports the call for a focus on public and active transport
  • Other items
    • James talked about new bikes racks on buses;
      • Will roll out gradually – immediately for routes with new buses, then over the next few months where existing buses are used.
      • Metlink and GWRC will advertise online when this becomes available on what routes and how to use.
      • Will have a test rack for people to practice with (at the station?) and will be on show at the October Open streets event.

June Meeting & AGM

CAW 2018 AGM

Due to Queen’s Birthday weekend we’ll move our monthly weekend to the second week of June.  Below are the items on the agenda.  Quite a bit to go through so please help by keeping discussions to a minimum and focused.

  • 18:00 Introductions (10 mins).  And for new people in particular:
    • What brings you to this meeting
    • Any specific concern and how you may want to help our work
  • 18:10 Headline topic (30 mins):
    • Making Berhampore, Newtown & Mt Cook safer for people on bikes
  • 18:40 Quick topics (25 mins):
    • Ideas for the Open Streets event in October
    • Our submission on the Wellington 10 year plan
    • Updates from WCC about cycling related projects
  • 17:05 And our AGM items (25 mins)
    • The year that was
    • Financial status
    • The committee and chair for the coming year
    • Our focus
  • 17:30 Close of the meeting

12th June, 6-7:30pm, Sustainability Trust, 2 Forrester Lane


Some big ticket items to discuss this month

  • A couple of wins in the bag with Oriental Bay and Evans Bay Parade
  • But what about Thorndon Quay
  • How to change our culture to make it work better
  • Submissions on the Regional Land Transport Plan
  • Consultations on the go, e.g. WCC 10 year plan
  • Other projects in the pipeline
  • AGM next month
  • Open Streets happening in October
  • Thumbs up, thumbs down

6-7:30pm, 1 May, Sustainability Trust, Forrester Lane.   Invite someone new along!

Thorndon Quay, Biketober and more – report of the CAW April 2018 meeting

Associate Transport Minister Julie Ann Genter presents a special lifetime award to Jan Nesbit at the Love Cycling Awards

Here are some of the things discussed at the April Meeting:

  • Love Cycling Awards: Very successful, raises the bar for future events! Great atmosphere, TV3 coverage. Diversity of people attracted. A credit to the hard work and efficiency of Jill Ford.
  • Thorndon Quay. There have been around 400 submissions on the interim solution between Davis St and Mulgrave St. Oral submissions include informal consultations with councillors on 5 April, and formal submissions to the council as a whole on 12 April. The interim proposal sets a precedent for replacing angle parking by safer parallel parking; but the painted bike lanes don’t meet NZTA guidelines. Currently there is poor enforcement of the clearway.
  • Newtown connections are “next off the rank”. Bike Newtown will be revitalised to give feedback. There is a suggested route from Wilson St/Owen St around the back of the Hospital that could provide an interim solution for people coming from Kilbirnie to the CBD, but currently involves some steep steps.
  • Ron met with NZTA. Melling to Petone is expected to start in 2018, concern about connections for hill suburbs and Alicetown. Ngauranga to Petone is still on the horizon, need resource consent for reclamation. 2021 start. In the mean time, need to keep the SH2 shoulder clear and bike friendly.  SH58 from Hutt to Pauatahanui is being widened, with a slow lane for cyclists etc on the narrow section from SH2 junction. (An existing alternative is to turn right out of the Manor Park railway carpark onto Mcdougall Grove, then pick up the Old Haywards Rd past the transformer station)
containers narrowing shoulder, SH2 Petone/Ngauranga
Containers blocking SH2 shoulder at Ngauranga on ramp
  • Ngauranga interchange: WCC is widening the cycle path under motorway and around to stock entrance/bus stop.
  • AGM – in June, ideas for speaker/event welcomed. Your chance to volunteer for the committee!
  • We feel a need for a “Voice” for CAW – someone representing people we campaign for younger, female, Interested but Concerned. Some names suggested.
  • Membership. High visibility events such as the Love Cycling Awards attract people to our web site and FaceBook Group (Instagram is suggested to communicate with younger people). But our challenge is to get people to join as financial members. If you’re not a member, sign up now – it’ll be the best $50 you spent on cycling!
  • Biketober – Krissie and WCC are working together, hope to include an open streets event from PO square to Pukeahu.
  • Thumbs up, thumbs down
    • Tory St one way – part of a VUW architecture project It’s Tory Time which will result in a shared space for cars, cyclists and walkers. [Stop Press: the shared space has been opened up – looks good and an example of urban activation as promoted by Ellie]
    • Ellie suggests making Molesworth St contraflow.
    • Mark gave big ups for John Randal’s running a very successful Good Friday Criterium.
    • Ellie saw good news in the new Government Policy Statement on transport favouring cycling, and IPENZ Christchurch backing cycleways.
    • Ride for HELP are doing a presentation on their Tour Aotearoa ride, 1730 11 April Sustainability Trust.

CAW April Meeting


Hopefully you’ll all be energised after the Easter weekend for another exciting meeting!  On offer for discussion this time:

  • How to stay safe along Thorndon Quay during the darker days?
  • Updates from WCC and NZTA meetings
  • AGM – put it on your agenda for June
  • Having a new voice for CAW
  • Ideas for increasing membership
  • Biketober and Open Streets – promoting cycling
  • Tour Aotearoa slideshow
  • Thumbs up, thumbs down

Usual time & place.   6-7:30pm, Tuesday 3 April, Sustainability Trust, Forrester Lane.



CAW March 2018 meeting notes


We had a busy meeting, covering a number of submissions, and a quick bike tour of Bogota and Europe courtesy of Jill. Here’s the details:

Jo talked about some CAN activities: Annual CAN Do 29 July Palmerston North preceding the 2WALKandCYCLE conference (these events are a great chance to catch up with fellow advocates), and the Vision Zero campaign (fill in the survey if you haven’t already).

Biketober. Krissie talked about a proposal for a spring month of bike activities, Biketober. This was very successful in Christchurch and Auckland last year. Krissie will talk to WCC about their spring bike promotion plans. CAW broadly supportive, can act as sponsor for grants etc.

Membership. We discussed how we could increase involvement, through both financial membership (which helps support CAN) and social media.


Love Cycling Awards. Nominations close 13 March, Jill welcomes more nominations, volunteers for event on 27 March.

Ngauranga Gorge. We discussed the issues with cycling this route to/from the northern suburbs. Ben has had close calls with vehicles turning across his path into Glover St, and has met with WCC staff. However there aren’t easy answers.

Cycling facilities in Europe (and Bogota). Jill shared her observations from her time away. She managed to participate in the Bogota Ciclovia, which has been the model for similar events around the world. In England she was based in Bristol, the home of SusTrans, which has created a nationwide cycle network. She also managed to tour Europe from Finland to Slovenia. Here is Jill’s presentation.

And more consultation: Oriental Bay and Kilbirnie

As well as Thorndon Quay, WCC is consulting on two other cycling projects: a short stretch of cycleway on Oriental Bay between Herd St and the Freyberg Pool, and a two way cycleway on Evans Bay Parade south of Cobham Drive. Please take a few minutes to read about these, and make some comments by 19 March. Have a look at our suggestions for individual submissions. If possible, draw on your own experience of using these routes.

Here’s our thoughts:


Oriental Parade: The two way path in the proposal is… a bit narrow at 2.5m for such a busy route (Christchurch’s Cycle Design Guidelines recommend 3.5m, with a minimum of 3m) . And for what, to keep both angle parking and a median strip? Which doesn’t seem all that bold. The parking in question mostly has a TEN HOUR limit (yup). On the city’s premier waterfront boulevard. Why not just set better time limits and pricing, so it’s available for some better purpose than commuter parking. And the median? It makes it easier to get cars into and out of garages. BUT the proposed bike path is separated from the walking path at last. It just seems a pity to have a solution that is compromised by the needs of cars rather than people.


Evans Bay Parade (south of Cobham Drive) has a proposed path which is pretty good. Serves the school well, links to the waterfront path. As with the Oriental Bay bike path, it’s a bit narrow for a two way path. Needs better visual separation, and maybe a centreline. Needs a better crossing on Cobham Drive though – get rid of a slip lane maybe? The stuff around the new bus hub looks like a nice way to deal with a tricky road layout. Lots to like there.

March meeting

Safety for people on bikes cannot be compromised

Already getting well into the year, with another action-packed agenda

  • Thorndon Quay: a compromised solution, compromising safety?
  • Love Cycling Awards: show your love for this great event
  • “But we’re not Copenhagen”: a perspective on cycling infrastructure in Europe
  • Ngauranga gorge & interchange: a continuing challenge
  • Helping CAN & CAW to help us: increasing our membership numbers
  • What’s happening: WCC, NZTA and other updates

Be there to be part of the movement.   Tuesday 6 March, 6-7:30pm, Sustainability Trust, Forrester Lane.