Notes from CAW November 2016 meeting

A possible Cobham Drive upgrade

At the 1 November meeting we were lucky to have Paul Barker, Safe and Sustainable Transport Manager at Wellington City Council, along with Councillor portfolio leaders Sarah Free (Public Transport, Cycling and Walking) and Chris Calvi-Freeman (Transport strategy and operations)

Paul gave us an overview of Wellington’s Urban Cycling Programme.

  • Cycling has a significant budget, $37.5 million annually. The challenge is getting projects through the planning and consultation processes. A new engagement process is being used.
  • Staffing: now have around 15 positions connected to active transport, with vacancies being filled.
  • Decisions on routes in the CBD depend on the outcome of the Let’s Get Wellington Moving  process. Funding has been moved from CBD projects to the Eastern Suburbs.
  • Northern route:
    • Ngauranga to Thorndon: lighting poles are being moved, bus stops relocated, and general upgrade to cycle path, including raising path at business entrances.
    • Thorndon to CBD. Decision to be made about whether cycle route will be along Thorndon Quay or Aotea Quay.
    • An upgrade of the Wakely Rd “Goat Track” between Newlands and Ngauranga is possible.
  • Eastern suburbs: working on proposals for:
    • Upgrading cycle/walk path on Cobham Drive. This could be a “quick win” with approval possible in early 2017.
    • Improved cycling routes from the Coutts St airport underpass to Seatoun and Miramar.
    • General cycling and walking improvements in Miramar Town Centre.
    • Evans Bay Parade shared path.
    • Leonie Gill Pathway to Newtown.
  • Southern routes. Basin Reserve to Shoreland Park: ongoing engagement in Island Bay, with eventual extension to Basin Reserve.

We also discussed:

  • Elections: results do not indicate a backlash against cycling, with David Lee and Sarah Free being re-elected with good majorities.
  • Island Bay workshops are proceeding well.
  • Roll on Wellington Awards. We’ll postpone these to February.
  • CAN DO 2017. Wellington will be hosting the national cycling advocacy meeting in March 2017. Alastair, James, David, Hilleke and Peter will be planning this.
  • Go By Bike Day is go! Mark 8 February 2017 in your diary.

CAW meeting 4 October 2016

Bike on bus rack to Newlands
Ngauranga Gorge the easy way – Bikes on Buses trial.

We discussed:

  • Introductions: we mentioned what improvements we’d like to see in Wellington cycling. Ideas included: remove uphill car parking, better design of traffic islands and pedestrian refuges, take opportunities of road resurfacing to add cycle lanes, educate fellow cyclists about best position to take on road, send notes of issues to Fixit.
  • Bikes on Buses. Trial underway on Newlands buses, though check the timetable.
  • Island Bay. Workshops going well. “Communities” includes not just residents but people who traverse Island Bay. Need younger people involved.
  • Elections. Will need to work constructively with new Council (which in the event, looks pretty bike friendly). Ron will be contacting Councillors next week to set up meetings.
  • Bunny St/ Waterloo Quay. Ron is discussing cycling issues at this intersection with Council staff. Ideally, Bunny St would become a pedestrian/cycle plaza, with no through connection for cars to Featherston.
  • ReBicycle is going well. Let Hilleke know if you have a spare bike for refugee families.
  • Go By Bike Day will be 8 February. Ownership will be passing to GWRC/WCC.
  • Ciclovia. Watch this space!
  • Cycling on footpaths, CAW will make a supportive submission to Parliament. [CAW submission]
  • Dutch Royal Family coming to visit, bringing representatives of Dutch Bicycle Embassy.
  • Bike Racks at Sustainability Trust – Patrick will explore possibilities, perhaps get WCC to install racks as part of a laneway upgrade.

Meeting report 2 August 2016

Ciclovia Bike to the Future Award
Miramar Ciclovia Bike to the Future Award

At our monthly meeting we discussed:

CAW is running a fundraising raffle. Don’t miss out – follow the link to score your ticket(s).

As part of WCC’s re-engagementIsland Bay has a drop-in centre at 132 The Parade. Go down and give your thoughts on the future of the suburb and cycleway plans. Open 10-4.  CAW should support this, particularly as this can set a framework & process for future community led-approaches to cycling improvements. We discussed to what extent people outside Island Bay would be able to voice their opinions, and the answer was that this should be the case to for example give a voice to people who drive down to Island Bay to catch a bus into town, but also people who come to Island Bay to go to the beach or the sports fields.

NZTA has released a “Benefits of investing in cycling in NZ communities” booklet. Check it out online or ask Patrick for a copy.

Ciclovia, the Miramar peninsula event with roads closed to motor traffic, won the “Taking communities on the journey award” at July’s Bike to the Future awards at the 2Walk&Cycle Conference. Cycle Aware Wellington Chair Ron Beernink is one of the key drivers of Ciclovia.

Love Cycling campaign – bike plates re-ordered

WCC to decide on its refreshed cycling plans on 11 August. Ron to present for CAW. (Update – WCC approved the new plans. That’s good news)

Ron ran a workshop where we reviewed CAW’s strategy and objectives. There was very useful feedback on the draft updated vision and objective statements that ensure that CAW has the right focus, plus input into the strategy and tactics statements that tell CAW what it needs to do to get there. The next meeting will focus on the influences and challenges that we need to consider in making it happen.

CAW new motivation model

CAW Meeting Report – July 2016

We had a very busy agenda!  Apologies for the long list of minutes and no doubt not all of the discussion was captured.  In future we will probably change these meetings to become more action-focused workshops and less of a ‘talk fest’.  So watch this space.

 Updates on initiatives, future activities

    • CBD network plan
      • Some good ideas from WCC
      • Looking at setting up scenarios

      • Feeding the ideas into Getting Wellington Moving

      • Will take a while to happen, although some things can happen sooner particular where it is not part of the bigger transport changes.

      • There is a good picture of what is most needed.

      • NZTA also interested in quick wins for the CBD.  Needs to be pragmatic and sensible.  Similar to some of the recent improvements in Auckland [e.g. allowing cyclists to go both ways on some CBD one-way streets].

      • Doesn’t need big projects.  Can be slower speeds to create better shared spaces, e.g. in Cuba Street

    • Temporary closure of Waterloo Quay
      • WCC has been asked to monitor impact of roadworks on the traffic
      • Can be used as evidence to show that taking part of the road for a cycleway does not in fact impact on traffic
      • WCC said they would look into this
    • Reset of UCP
      • NZTA and WCC working together on the reset of the UCP plan
      • Should not mean that everything stops
      • But may reprioritise some of the routes such as Island Bay to CBD; creating better connections
    • Easter Bay Routes submission
      • Key message was not to focus on big projects alone; small changes will make a big difference too
      • This can be a network quieter neighbourhood street, as well as safer crossing like at the sports stadium
      • Not clear what is next and what timeframes, and action to confirm this at the next meeting
      • Note that UCP money would need to be spend by 2018
    • Rebicycle – Hilleke
      • A great initiative to make bikes, helmets, training etc available in the communities; making cycling more accessible for people on lower incomes, e.g. refugees
      • Needs to be made available in the communities itself
      • People / organisations can donate old or new bikes.  Can be dropped off at the Sustainability Trust building in Forrester Lane < not just yet – working on it!
      • Working with other parties like Mechanical Tempest, Pedal Ready, local bikeshops
      • Great opportunity for CAW to support this and show that it is a community organisation
    • Hutt road improvements – update on CAW survey from Alastair
      • Results submitted to WCC
      • WCC have boosted parking enforcement
      • A couple of different surveys have been done recently over a number of days to observe driver behaviour at driveways and also ask people about their purpose for parking along the shared path and journeys
    • Committee planning day
      • Focus was on updating the vision and objectives statements [where we want to be]
      • Further workshop to be hold to look at the mission, strategy & tactics statements [how we will get there]
    • Go By Bike Day
      • Concern that we have not heard from WCC
      • Time is running out to get the organisation moved to WCC
      • Recommendation that CAW organise the next event but in partnership with WCC
    • Local body elections – lobbying webinar from Alastair
      • Webinar run to talk about how to lobby candidates as part of the local body elections
      • Key points were to research the person you’re meeting with, meet with a small group, don’t lecture, focus on the positive, concentrate on issues not personalities

Island Bay Cycle Way

    • Working together with the Island Bay Residents Association (IBRA)
      • Ron had a very productive get together with Vicky & Jane of the IBRA, facilitated by Justin Lester and Paul Eagle.  We agreed to more collaboratively together and get away from the polarised views
    • Update on IBRA meeting
      • Ron was invited to the June meeting
      • It was good to hear the views from locals and also to hear David Chick from the WCC acknowledge that they got it wrong and about the opportunity to re-consult.  He faced some tough questions though.
    • Recap of the audit reports
      • The report focused on the construction (and not the design) of the cycleway
      • The report noted some moderate & minor improvements such as improving visibility at driveways by removing car parks, and better signs
      • The major concern was that the old road markings had not been removed
    • Our own observations / key messages
      • The overall design could have been done better to make it work as a shared space for walkers, cyclists, public transport and cars
      • Marking for car parks are not clear, particularly in the dark and wet.  
    • What happened at the Council committee meeting
      • We highlighted that the cycleway is already achieving what it set out to do; it has got people young and old cycling who would not have done so with the previous design
      • We urged the council to implement the recommendations made in the report and take some of these into consideration with for example avoiding car parks to close to driveways at the Hutt Road
      • In response to a question about cyclists still using the road, Ron explained that faster cyclists typically do not use a cycle way because it slows them down too much, and that the cycle way is designed and targeted for less confident cyclists
      • The Council agreed to start re-consultation with the Island Bay community asap, but the review will still take place early next year
    • What’s next – review & consultation
      • IBRA and CAW are meeting with the WCC to discuss how to ensure a community led consultation
      • Suggestion that we can do a workshop to get ideas of how to get the right community engagement / representation

Committee items (10-15 mins)

  • Updates from regular and other stakeholder meetings
    • Ron / Timon / Patrick meeting with Dougal from the NZTA
      • CAW/CAN provided very positive feedback on the OPUS consultant (Jessica) that NZTA have used for engaging with us on cycling / transport projects
      • We discussed the opportunity to do some quick / non-controversial cycling improvements in the CBD
      • Recommendation that NZTA get involved in the Hutt City Council cycling steering committee
    • Ron / Patrick / Timon participation in local government authority workshop
      • Had a variety of stakeholders provide input in how the LGA could better assist with transport choices & projects
    • Patrick / James / Ron / Timon meeting with Jessica from NZTA
      • Focused on the early prototype implementation of a cycleway connecting the slipway just north of the Ngauranga interchange to the Hutt Road just past the underbridge (going south)
      • Will be 5 metres wide except for under the bridge where it will be 3 metres
  • Upcoming submissions
    • Open spaces 
      • Main issues are definition of e-bike
      • Possible commuting routes in areas designated to be closed to bikes
      • Further info available on the CAW website
    • Airport runway extension 
      • Chance to talk about concerns how large number of trucks shifting fill for the extension will impact on cyclists, but also opportunity to factor cycling into the design
  • Promoting CAW – logo, name change
    • Hilleke has come up with a fantastic logo and there has been various ideas about changing the name as we have moved on from “Aware”.  Could be simply “Cycling Wellington”
    • Committee will agree and we can then use this to create a flyer and business cards

Rants & Raves (5 mins)

  • Rant about vegetation blocking the path around the bays; needs to be cut back properly, not just a bit of a trim.
  • Rave about Gill Penalosa’s talk about sustainable urban Development and how it spoke very much about the things that are dear to all of our hearts in creating better shared spaces.  A big pad on the back for ourselves that we advocate and help to bring about these changes.

CAW meeting report June 2016

Here’s what we discussed at the CAW meeting 7 June 2016.


  • Eastern suburbs – oral submissions on 8 June.
  • Hutt Road – WCC have gone for phased approach, GHW endorsed. CAW survey to see what parking etc is a problem. We also discussed options for a shoreline route from Ngauranga to Aotea Quay, but this will be a long term goal, and there is still a need for a Hutt Rd cycleway for  people from Ngaio, Khandallah etc. Submission led to good collaboration with Living Streets.

Recent infrastructure issues:

  • SH2 – logging trucks at Ngauranga creating issue for cyclists, NZTA / WCC stopped operation
  • Temporary closure of eastern lane on Waterloo quay north of Whitmore. James has referred to Council. Good opportunity to see what a lane on the Quay would achieve?

CBD network planJames is on working group, delayed by Get Welly Moving.

Committee items:

  • Ron Beernink and Timon (from Hutt Cycle Network) met with Paul Barker of WCC.
  • Ron met with Ciclocivica who are to help NZTA engage on Urban Cycling Programme.
  • Bikes on buses is being progressed as part of new bus tenders.
  • James attended Vulnerable Road Users group meeting at WCC. Chat about procedures for reporting incidents.  James will do post for CAW blog.
  • A Committee planning workshop is being scheduled

Review of cycling project implementation in Wellington: Has been interpreted in a number of ways. Best thing is NZTA is more involved. Need to get wins on the board.

Open spaces plan: Call for submissions, could allow eBikes on selected routes, and new tracks for mountain bikes. Wellington MTB club meeting to discuss 19 Jun.

Road User Behaviour: Ben is progressing some ideas.

Local Body Elections: discussed ideas to get cycling on the agenda in a positive way.

2 Walk and Cycle conference. Hilleke, Patrick, and Alastair going. CAW will support financially.

Rants & Raves

  • Ron: Acknowledged James’ efforts as chair.
  • Ben did the the Korokoro walkway.
  • Hilleke: Started Bike KREW promoting kids riding.
  • Frocks on Bikes planning film night, progressive dinner for Wellington on a Plate.
  • WCC taking on Go By Bike Day. Frees CAW up for other events?
  • Patrick: work being done on minimum passing distances.
  • Alastair organising lobbying Webinar for CAN, 28 Jun.
  • Andy: need for garage door Bike Fixup location, UK looking at legislation on passing distances.

AGM Report 3 May 2016

13124593_10153811389012261_2355204561230475194_nTuesday 3 May 2016 was our AGM. Here’s a report of the meeting (thanks, Eleanor!).

James B (Chair), Pete W, Sarah, Sean, Ron B, David L, Peter B, Hilleke, Linda, Mark C, Patrick, Jo M, Alex D, Eleanor (scribe), Andy G, Pete B, David W, Benjamin. Apologies: Sridhar, Brian W, Michelle, Alastair.

Annual Report

James presented a Report on the year’s activities. We’ve got a lot to be pleased about.

What others have done
Lots of people other than CAW have been doing cool stuff around biking to add to Wellington’s bike culture. For example: Lucid Dream Bike (in the Fringe Festival), New Zealand Bicycle Film Festival, Bike valet @ CubaDupa.

AGM 2015 Minutes: Approved (moved Mark C, seconded Sarah F)

Finance Report 2015: Approved (moved James, seconded Hilleke)

2016-2017 Committee

Ron Beernink unanimously elected Chair (moved James, seconded Eleanor). Ron says that he’d be honoured to be chair at this time that there’s so much happening. We’ve got a really good group, and he’ll be happy to front it. It’s a great opportunity. He’ll rely on the group to pitch in and help to make sure he doesn’t get overloaded. It’s fun and rewarding.
Goals and aims: Opportunity for CAW to look at community engagement. He’d like us to move away from the image of the ‘Lycra Brigade’. Build up membership. Get out there, talk to people, show people what we’re doing. Perhaps do movie evenings in different suburbs. Have open discussions. Make CAW inclusive for the whole community.

Membership. Sridhar elected to membership role. James moves, Ron seconds.
Treasurer Linda Beatson elected (moved James, seconded Patrick).
Fundraising Sean Linton elected to fundraising role (moved James, seconded Andy G). Patrick offers to help out.
Rest of the committee: Eleanor Meecham, Andy Gow, Michelle Pawson, Alastair Smith, David Laing, James Burgess, Hilleke Townsend were also elected (moved James, seconded Eleanor).
Specific business liaison role will be dropped for now.

Campaign on driver behaviour change

Benjamin suggests that we could do a campaign on behaviour change to go along with building of infrastructure. Discussion:

  • cyclists also behave poorly at times, could backfire if it is unbalanced and polarises the community.
  • NZTA and GWRC and WCC have all done some great stuff around behaviour messaging. Our role is to support those agencies who can do it best.
  • General agreement that we wouldn’t really benefit from doing a behaviour change campaign ourselves right now.

Presentation about proposed Eastern Suburbs routes (Pete Whiting, WCC)
Pete covered:

  • a summary of the Urban Cycleways programme
  • benefits of cycling
  • why Eastern area? Flat and just 5 to 8kms to city centre
  • timing of project phases
  • What does good engagement look like?


  • Who is the target market for the eastern route? Good question. NZTA (who are providing much of the funding under the UCP) prioritises commuting and trips to school, getting more people to cycle than making things better for existing cyclists.
  • What are the parameters for deciding what gets built? Council welcomes all ideas and submissions. There are cost and feasibility parameters. One of the reasons that the Kilbirnie to Newtown route hasn’t come out as a proposed option was because there was a large weight put on steepness.
  • How can we mitigate the risk of not having a long engagement period? Get it out there as widely as possible so as many people as possible can take part in the discussion.

CAW meeting report April 2016

Sorry for the super-late meeting report and thanks Peter for the notes. We discussed:

The Urban Cycleways Programme cycling improvements for the Hutt Road, CBD, and Eastern suburbs


  • work done so far by ‘working group’ of stakeholders including resident and business associations
  • plan to look at routes first (demand, feasibility etc) and then later what type of infrastructure
  • consultation coming up in late April – and new staff joining the cycling team at WCC to improve the consultation process

Hutt Road:

  • consultation
  • overall options the council looked at and why this was the only feasible high-level option
  • the good and bad in the proposal


  • work done so far by ‘working group’ of stakeholders including resident and business associations – only as far as important destinations and journeys – no routes picked yet.

Bike Film Festival

Planned by Ngā Taonga for April: with special panel session after Bikes Vs Cars.

Planning for the AGM

AGM Tuesday 3 May at our normal meeting place/time, 6pm at Sustainability Trust. We need a new Treasurer (well before the AGM) and other committee roles will be up for grabs too.

WCC will talk us through their Eastern cycleways consultation after the AGM part of the meeting.

CANdo debrief

Regional groups presented stories, progress and ideas they had encountered. Cycling NZ came along and presented about some of their programmes such as a new one training people to bunch ride safely. They are keen to have a wider role than high performance sport. Good preso from NZTA about the Urban Cycleways Programme.

Winter is coming

We shared tips for safe and comfy cycling when commutes get get dark and wet. Great lights are getting cheaper – worth an upgrade even if yours are not terrible.


CAW meeting report March 2016

An example of how e>olve might help urban design
An example of how e>olve might help urban design

We discussed:

  • Michael Lowe described e>volve – a methodology for planning active transport.  Looking for funding from e.g. WCC to develop a web based interface to collect perceptions of routes, and use to prioritise resources. CAW will support.
  • Hutt Road: design for cycle path between Ngauranga and Aotea Quay overbridge is going to consultation. CAW supports the proposals, particularly the option for less parking, which will provide better visibility for cars entering/exiting businesses. We’d also like to see a clear demarcation of the cycle path from the walking path, and right of way for the cycle path at entrances.
  • Go By Bike Day: 1260 participants, a record. Thanks to Wholly Bagels for coming to the aid in the Bagel Crisis; not to mention all the other sponsors, volunteers and Shaillie our intrepid organiser. Presence of Transport Minister Simon Bridges underlines how cycling is entering the mainstream. Should we do this more often? Portland does bike breakfasts on a monthly basis.
  • Ciclovia: only one day this summer, but 3200 participants. Ron is making submissions to WCC for a regular motor free day on the Peninsula. Hutt City is also keen to have a Ciclovia, and Miramar Business group is keen to run an annual Miramar Cycling Festival.
  • CAN reorganisation: Cycling Action Network, the national cycling advocacy organisation, has reviewed the way it works. This is in response to a changing environment (growth in cycling, more resources being put into cycle facilities). “Time to move to the next level”.  The proposal is to move to a board structure, with a paid CEO and a more mass membership, commercial/professional approach, akin to the Automobile Association. The proposal will be debated at the annual CAN Do in Hamilton, 18-20 March.
  • Rants and Raves:
    • Tour Aotearoa is going well – riders covering up to 250km/day (although CAW committee member Brian Wolfman is proceeding at a more sensible 90km/day)
    • GWRC is reconsidering bikes on trains policy: more than 3 bikes if space available, booking system.
    • Cubadupa is going to have leisure/valet bike parking. Contact Kelvin <> ph 021510110 if you want to give a hand.
    • Reports of great cycling infrastructure in Christchurch, Nelson and Auckland.
    • Wellington cyclists more friendly than those in London. Riding with a child (or a penguin in a trailer) gets more respect.
    • What about a midnight mystery ride?
    • Problems connecting from Cambridge Terrace to the Waterfront, cars encroaching on Victoria St bike lane, exit from Mill. CBD route package may address these issues.
    • Nga Taonga Sound and Vision is holding a Bicycle Film festival in April – several films and events already available for booking.
    • WCC is to have a new cycling website.

CAW meeting report February 2016

eBike ride: oriental parade
Wellington Chargers eBike riders on Oriental Parade

We discussed:

  • Island Bay Cycleway. This is substantially complete. Council has convened a small group of residents to look at issues arising from the implementation. There will be a need for education as people get used to the new layout.
  • Hutt Road improvements. Consultation will open shortly on the Ngauranga to Aotea section. It’s great that the issues on this heavily used shared path are being addressed at last.
  • Urban Cycleway Programme funded projects. These are going through preliminary planning for the Eastern routes (Alastair and Hilleke representing CAW) and CBD routes (James representing CAW). A three stage process is being used: identifying destinations, then corridors, then routes.
  • Go By Bike Day – all go! [Went ahead successfully, beating last year’s record turnout]
  • Ciclovia – all go, too. [Splendid weather, 3200 participants]
  • Other bike events include Love to Roll 14 February, Lucid Dreambike 12-13 February in the Fringe Festival, and a bicycle film festival at Nga Taonga Sound and Vision in April.
  • Bike Corrals are being installed in Cuba, Wigan, and Ghuznee streets.
  • Bike Valet Parking for the CubaDupa event 19-20 March. Patrick is looking for volunteers.
  • CAN Do national cycling meeting 19-20 March. Several CAW members are going. Register by 14 March to get an early bird discount.
  • Rants and Raves

CAW meeting report November 2015

Patrick and Dolores with their host Akbar in Marand, Iran
Patrick and Dolores with their host Akbar in Marand, Iran

We  discussed:

  • Meeting with WCC: cycling team is currently working through NZTA procedures to get Urban Cycleway Programme funding for projects. Planning for the northern route (Thorndon – Ngauranga) is well advanced. CAW will be represented on stakeholder working groups.
  • Submissions on speed reductions went well. There is wide support for lower speeds.
  • Via Strada cycle design course. A good way to find out what traffic engineers know about cycling.
  • CAN Do, Hamilton, 19-20 March 2016. Subsidies may be available from CAW/CAN. CAW will be hosting the 2017 CAN Do.
  • Roll on Wellington Awards will be presented at December meeting: online nomination and voting will be available soon. We brainstormed possible nominations: Aurecon, Bikes in Schools, Switched on Bikes…
  • Summer riding plans included Tour Aotearoa, Mystic Portal, and a fixie ride around Taupo.
  • Patrick told us about the Iran stage of his long bike ride, watch for the next installment.