Wellington Bike Love episode 4: Sarrah and Freya

Sarrah (left) and Freya (right)


As there were no parking spots in the city, Sarrah decided to use her bicycle instead and since then didn’t regret her decision. As easy as it sounds, it wasn’t.

She never saw herself as a cyclist, even thought she couldn’t do it without a lot of encouragement from her friends and a beautiful e-bike, she now happily rides every day to work. “It’s not only a pleasant commute, it’s even quicker and more environmentally friendly than by car,” she says.

“For sure, there are some roads that are confusing, especially Adelaide Road,” Sarrah mentions. She takes extra caution while passing a parking car, though never had an accident.

“People take care and respect cyclists,” she says enthusiastically. Her favourite parts of the city to cycle are Miramar and the Waterfront.

Over the years, her relationship with her bicycle developed into a loving and respectful one.


Freya did not want to buy a car and looked for other options to get around. Luckily her flatmate showed her the way to a life with a bicycle.

Now, it has become her main mode of transport – to commute, to pick up groceries, anything! And all of this combined with free exercise.

“Especially during lockdown, it was amazing to cycle with friends along the empty roads,” she says.

With traffic, the feeling changed – in some parts, she feels a bit more rushed by the cars. She says, “There are some grumpy drivers, but the majority are sweet.”

Apart from those aspects, Freya enjoys the downhills as her favourite parts of cycling in Wellington. There are a lot, and they let her easily forget about the “bah” up hills.

Her bicycle gives her a sensation of freedom. She loves and misses it when out of town.

Credit to artist Ellen Coup for the mural artwork that served as background.

[ By Julia Hilgenfeldt. All stories of the project can be found here: https://julsontheway.com/art-projects/wellington-bike-love.]