Wellington City Council: Innovating Streets Recommendation

Credit: http://www.islandbaycycleway.org.nz/ – I can’t wait to bike to football!

Full text of Council Innovating Streets recommendation, passed by 13 votes to 2 on Thursday 7th May 2020, with background and commentary:

Apply to the Waka Kotahi – New Zealand Transport Agency’s Innovating Streets fund for the seven temporary projects to address respond to COVID-19, and for the five projects that meet their tactical urbanism criteria, in columns 2 and 3 in the table in paragraph 17 of the report.

The seven temporary projects are:

Evans Bay Parade – Greta Point to Cobham Drive1600m temporary lane on seaside parking lane
Brooklyn Hill (uphill)750m lane using plastic bollards (similar to Rugby St & Constable St)
Onepu Road260m lane both sides connecting Kilbirnie shops to Leoone Gill pathway

This proposal was extended by an amendment raised by Deputy Mayor Free, seconded Councillor Condie. The lane now extends north to Rongotai Road
Shelly Bay to Scorching Bay one-way and shared path3km one-way system between Scorching Bay and Shelly Bay (in that direction). Seaward traffic lane converted to a shared walking and cycling path
Pedestrian route from Wellington Station to Stout StreetClosure of angle parking on one side of Stout Street. Could consider switching to parallel parking
Featherston Street600m lane – involving a traffic lane reallocation
Victoria Street1400m Temporary bus lane and protected upgrade for existing cycle lane
Seven Innovating Streets proposals

Notify the traffic resolutions for the seven COVID-19 projects as soon as possible.

The lead time for traffic resolutions is 14 days and allows time for public consultation on the measures. Watch this space for how to submit your feedback.

Increase the scope of the Onepu Road pop-up cycle lane to extend from Leonie Gill pathway to Rongotai Road (an additional 200m), at a revised total estimated cost of $40,000.

Extends this pop-up lane to meet the cycle network at the KFC/Pak n Save intersection. The total estimated additional cost to Wellington City Council, if this is accepted by NZTA is just $4,000, NZTA picking up 90% = $36,000

Note that officers are looking into opportunities to expedite the Central City Safer Speeds Package.

This is moving through Council at the moment, see updates here: https://lgwm.nz/saferspeeds

Subject to approval of this first round of Innovating Streets applications, officers will investigate making further applications for additional temporary projects from the long list of projects already identified, subject to a clear understanding of resourcing implications, including cost and impact on existing programmes of work. Any additional application will be presented to Council for consideration.

If the first round of applications for the seven projects outlined above is accepted – Council will know by 8th June, then Officers will investigate more options for the second round of funding:

The projects that are likely to be investigated are those on this list:

  • Oriental Bay
  • Ira St to Broadway (Miramar)
  • Constable Street
  • Burma Road
  • Onepu Road (Kilbirnie Shops to Lyall Bay)
  • Middleton Road
  • Taranaki Street
  • The Quays

These suggestions were removed at this stage due to staff concerns around Risk:

  • Significant removal of parking leading to low ‘perceived’ public acceptability
  • Longer lead time to develop, design and implement – meaning the measures would not be in place for long before needing to be removed when ‘normal’ traffic levels resume

NZTA may be able to help with the latter by providing funding and resourcing for the development and design effort. This could lessen the risk aspect of the Taranaki Street and Quays cycle lanes.