Wellington Annual Plan Consultation Document – an early look

Placing your bike over the diamonds helps trigger those traffic lights – turns out not everyone knows this (and why would they?!)

I read through swathes of Council documents so you didn’t have to! – read it in full here: https://wellington.govt.nz/your-council/meetings/committees/council/2020/04/30

There are some gaps in the cycling masterplan for big areas of the city, so the document may disappoint quite a few people biking in Karori, Brooklyn, Tawa, Johnsonville. If nothing else we need to get some clarity about the plans for these areas. To that end, I would really encourage anyone who would like to, to speak at the Council meeting on Thursday 30th April at 2pm. Email DemocraticServices@wcc.govt.nz before Wednesday at 2pm if you are keen.

It is really easy if you’re fairly computer savvy, the meetings are held through Zoom. You can prep speaking notes in one window and speak to the Zoom meeting in another. Plus you only need five minutes – that’s your time limit – and there’s no obligation to hang around in the meeting.

Annual Plan – cycling details

Wellington City Council sets course every three years by reviewing its Long Term Plan. Every year, they check their tyre pressure and oil the chain in the Annual Plan review process. Everyone is invited to give feedback on this plan from 8th May – 8th June.

The Plan is broken up into various sections, with Waka/Transport making up a large portion. Firstly a section on the Covid-19 impact on transport projects:

Covid-19 Impact

The activities and work programme for transport were delayed as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown, but now construction has restarted under Level 3, we are working to catch up on the backlog and build up to a busy start of the new financial year. Work will continue on the Cobham Drive and Evans Bay cycleways, Ngaio Gorge slope stabilisation as well as several minor safety projects such as the Hataitai intersection improvements and Rangiora footpath.

Page 56 Item 2.1, Attachment 1: 2020/21 Annual Plan Consultation Document

This is great, it shows that there is no appetite to slow down on projects that are in-flight. The Officers working on these projects are working really hard under trying circumstances (as we all are).

Let’s Get Wellington Moving – LGWM

The capital expenditure funding has been allocated to the early delivery and city streets areas to enable LGWM to begin programmes this year, subject to the outcomes of the business case investigations. This work will relate to walking, cycling and public transport improvement.

Item 2.1, Attachment 1: 2020/21 Annual Plan Consultation Document Page 57

So not much news here, but it is really encouraging to see that this has not slipped off the radar. Let’s Get Wellington Moving is focusing on active and public transport in 2020/21, however, there does seem to be a lot of consultation and engagement in the pipeline. We will be looking for some help with this, especially regular users of areas such as Thorndon Quay, Kent/Cambridge Terrace.

Cycling Masterplan

The cycling Masterplan refers to the staged roll-out of cycling infrastructure, more information here: https://www.transportprojects.org.nz/cycle-network/

From the Annual Plan Consultation Document:

Over the next decade, Wellington City Council is partnering with NZTA and central government to deliver a fully connected cycle network throughout Wellington. By 2028 the cycle network is expected to see connections developed to the south through Newtown, Berhampore and Island Bay; to the outer eastern suburbs, including Miramar, and Strathmore Park. This year work will continue on Evans Bay and Cobham Drive projects, as well as continued design development of the Miramar and Southern connections.

Page 58 Item 2.1, Attachment 1: 2020/21 Annual Plan Consultation Document

So to break that down:

Newtown, Berhampore, Island Bay, Miramar, Strathmore Park – by 2028
Te Aro, Mt Vic, Thorndon – Likely to be covered by the Let’s Get Wellington Moving programme – still consulting

Sobering news if you don’t live in any of these places, and not fantastic news if you do, especially as the cycle network map for 2028 is supposed to look like this:

Other Highlights

For more info on the following, take a look at the Council document:

  • Karori and Marsden considered for 30km/h
  • Planning for Growth consultation
  • CBD Laneways projects to continue

Council Engagement

You can speak to all Councillors using councillors@wcc.govt.nz or see below for your local reps:

Next Week – Innovating Streets

Councillors and Officers have been working on a proposal for NZTA’s Innovating Streets funding. We’re expecting news in next week’s meeting agenda. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cyclewellington