CAW meeting 4 October 2016

Bike on bus rack to Newlands
Ngauranga Gorge the easy way – Bikes on Buses trial.

We discussed:

  • Introductions: we mentioned what improvements we’d like to see in Wellington cycling. Ideas included: remove uphill car parking, better design of traffic islands and pedestrian refuges, take opportunities of road resurfacing to add cycle lanes, educate fellow cyclists about best position to take on road, send notes of issues to Fixit.
  • Bikes on Buses. Trial underway on Newlands buses, though check the timetable.
  • Island Bay. Workshops going well. “Communities” includes not just residents but people who traverse Island Bay. Need younger people involved.
  • Elections. Will need to work constructively with new Council (which in the event, looks pretty bike friendly). Ron will be contacting Councillors next week to set up meetings.
  • Bunny St/ Waterloo Quay. Ron is discussing cycling issues at this intersection with Council staff. Ideally, Bunny St would become a pedestrian/cycle plaza, with no through connection for cars to Featherston.
  • ReBicycle is going well. Let Hilleke know if you have a spare bike for refugee families.
  • Go By Bike Day will be 8 February. Ownership will be passing to GWRC/WCC.
  • Ciclovia. Watch this space!
  • Cycling on footpaths, CAW will make a supportive submission to Parliament. [CAW submission]
  • Dutch Royal Family coming to visit, bringing representatives of Dutch Bicycle Embassy.
  • Bike Racks at Sustainability Trust – Patrick will explore possibilities, perhaps get WCC to install racks as part of a laneway upgrade.