Meeting report 2 August 2016

Ciclovia Bike to the Future Award
Miramar Ciclovia Bike to the Future Award

At our monthly meeting we discussed:

CAW is running a fundraising raffle. Don’t miss out – follow the link to score your ticket(s).

As part of WCC’s re-engagementIsland Bay has a drop-in centre at 132 The Parade. Go down and give your thoughts on the future of the suburb and cycleway plans. Open 10-4.  CAW should support this, particularly as this can set a framework & process for future community led-approaches to cycling improvements. We discussed to what extent people outside Island Bay would be able to voice their opinions, and the answer was that this should be the case to for example give a voice to people who drive down to Island Bay to catch a bus into town, but also people who come to Island Bay to go to the beach or the sports fields.

NZTA has released a “Benefits of investing in cycling in NZ communities” booklet. Check it out online or ask Patrick for a copy.

Ciclovia, the Miramar peninsula event with roads closed to motor traffic, won the “Taking communities on the journey award” at July’s Bike to the Future awards at the 2Walk&Cycle Conference. Cycle Aware Wellington Chair Ron Beernink is one of the key drivers of Ciclovia.

Love Cycling campaign – bike plates re-ordered

WCC to decide on its refreshed cycling plans on 11 August. Ron to present for CAW. (Update – WCC approved the new plans. That’s good news)

Ron ran a workshop where we reviewed CAW’s strategy and objectives. There was very useful feedback on the draft updated vision and objective statements that ensure that CAW has the right focus, plus input into the strategy and tactics statements that tell CAW what it needs to do to get there. The next meeting will focus on the influences and challenges that we need to consider in making it happen.

CAW new motivation model