AGM Report 3 May 2016

13124593_10153811389012261_2355204561230475194_nTuesday 3 May 2016 was our AGM. Here’s a report of the meeting (thanks, Eleanor!).

James B (Chair), Pete W, Sarah, Sean, Ron B, David L, Peter B, Hilleke, Linda, Mark C, Patrick, Jo M, Alex D, Eleanor (scribe), Andy G, Pete B, David W, Benjamin. Apologies: Sridhar, Brian W, Michelle, Alastair.

Annual Report

James presented a Report on the year’s activities. We’ve got a lot to be pleased about.

What others have done
Lots of people other than CAW have been doing cool stuff around biking to add to Wellington’s bike culture. For example: Lucid Dream Bike (in the Fringe Festival), New Zealand Bicycle Film Festival, Bike valet @ CubaDupa.

AGM 2015 Minutes: Approved (moved Mark C, seconded Sarah F)

Finance Report 2015: Approved (moved James, seconded Hilleke)

2016-2017 Committee

Ron Beernink unanimously elected Chair (moved James, seconded Eleanor). Ron says that he’d be honoured to be chair at this time that there’s so much happening. We’ve got a really good group, and he’ll be happy to front it. It’s a great opportunity. He’ll rely on the group to pitch in and help to make sure he doesn’t get overloaded. It’s fun and rewarding.
Goals and aims: Opportunity for CAW to look at community engagement. He’d like us to move away from the image of the ‘Lycra Brigade’. Build up membership. Get out there, talk to people, show people what we’re doing. Perhaps do movie evenings in different suburbs. Have open discussions. Make CAW inclusive for the whole community.

Membership. Sridhar elected to membership role. James moves, Ron seconds.
Treasurer Linda Beatson elected (moved James, seconded Patrick).
Fundraising Sean Linton elected to fundraising role (moved James, seconded Andy G). Patrick offers to help out.
Rest of the committee: Eleanor Meecham, Andy Gow, Michelle Pawson, Alastair Smith, David Laing, James Burgess, Hilleke Townsend were also elected (moved James, seconded Eleanor).
Specific business liaison role will be dropped for now.

Campaign on driver behaviour change

Benjamin suggests that we could do a campaign on behaviour change to go along with building of infrastructure. Discussion:

  • cyclists also behave poorly at times, could backfire if it is unbalanced and polarises the community.
  • NZTA and GWRC and WCC have all done some great stuff around behaviour messaging. Our role is to support those agencies who can do it best.
  • General agreement that we wouldn’t really benefit from doing a behaviour change campaign ourselves right now.

Presentation about proposed Eastern Suburbs routes (Pete Whiting, WCC)
Pete covered:

  • a summary of the Urban Cycleways programme
  • benefits of cycling
  • why Eastern area? Flat and just 5 to 8kms to city centre
  • timing of project phases
  • What does good engagement look like?


  • Who is the target market for the eastern route? Good question. NZTA (who are providing much of the funding under the UCP) prioritises commuting and trips to school, getting more people to cycle than making things better for existing cyclists.
  • What are the parameters for deciding what gets built? Council welcomes all ideas and submissions. There are cost and feasibility parameters. One of the reasons that the Kilbirnie to Newtown route hasn’t come out as a proposed option was because there was a large weight put on steepness.
  • How can we mitigate the risk of not having a long engagement period? Get it out there as widely as possible so as many people as possible can take part in the discussion.