CAW meeting report March 2016

An example of how e>olve might help urban design
An example of how e>olve might help urban design

We discussed:

  • Michael Lowe described e>volve – a methodology for planning active transport.  Looking for funding from e.g. WCC to develop a web based interface to collect perceptions of routes, and use to prioritise resources. CAW will support.
  • Hutt Road: design for cycle path between Ngauranga and Aotea Quay overbridge is going to consultation. CAW supports the proposals, particularly the option for less parking, which will provide better visibility for cars entering/exiting businesses. We’d also like to see a clear demarcation of the cycle path from the walking path, and right of way for the cycle path at entrances.
  • Go By Bike Day: 1260 participants, a record. Thanks to Wholly Bagels for coming to the aid in the Bagel Crisis; not to mention all the other sponsors, volunteers and Shaillie our intrepid organiser. Presence of Transport Minister Simon Bridges underlines how cycling is entering the mainstream. Should we do this more often? Portland does bike breakfasts on a monthly basis.
  • Ciclovia: only one day this summer, but 3200 participants. Ron is making submissions to WCC for a regular motor free day on the Peninsula. Hutt City is also keen to have a Ciclovia, and Miramar Business group is keen to run an annual Miramar Cycling Festival.
  • CAN reorganisation: Cycling Action Network, the national cycling advocacy organisation, has reviewed the way it works. This is in response to a changing environment (growth in cycling, more resources being put into cycle facilities). “Time to move to the next level”.  The proposal is to move to a board structure, with a paid CEO and a more mass membership, commercial/professional approach, akin to the Automobile Association. The proposal will be debated at the annual CAN Do in Hamilton, 18-20 March.
  • Rants and Raves:
    • Tour Aotearoa is going well – riders covering up to 250km/day (although CAW committee member Brian Wolfman is proceeding at a more sensible 90km/day)
    • GWRC is reconsidering bikes on trains policy: more than 3 bikes if space available, booking system.
    • Cubadupa is going to have leisure/valet bike parking. Contact Kelvin <> ph 021510110 if you want to give a hand.
    • Reports of great cycling infrastructure in Christchurch, Nelson and Auckland.
    • Wellington cyclists more friendly than those in London. Riding with a child (or a penguin in a trailer) gets more respect.
    • What about a midnight mystery ride?
    • Problems connecting from Cambridge Terrace to the Waterfront, cars encroaching on Victoria St bike lane, exit from Mill. CBD route package may address these issues.
    • Nga Taonga Sound and Vision is holding a Bicycle Film festival in April – several films and events already available for booking.
    • WCC is to have a new cycling website.