Ciclovia: Wellingtonians vote with their pedals for a motor free peninsula

Miramar CicloviaOnce again, the weather gods turned on a stunning Wellington day (i.e. brilliant sunshine and a bit of a cooling breeze) for the Miramar Ciclovia, now in its third year. About 3000 people participated, on bikes, skateboards, roller blades and scooters. Local businesses such as Scorch O Rama and Chocolate Fish seemed to be benefiting from the extra people drawn to the area by the event.

A few trends: a lot more children – this is definitely one of the more family friendly events on the summer calendar, and it was great to see future Sarah Ulmers learning basic road skills on their scoot bikes. Participation by families was aided by the shuttle service from Miramar Cutting to Shelly Bay – drivers Ron and Oliver had an excellent system for quickly loading and unloading a dazzling range of bikes on a quick turnaround time.

The City Library team bring a literary touch to the Ciclovia
The City Library team bring a literary touch to the Ciclovia

Although the event is “motor free”, electric assist hasn’t been banned, and I lost count of the eBikes helping less able people to participate. Contrary to the gloomy predictions that “electric motor bikes” will result in conflict, there seemed to be no sign of misused electrons.

Ron, Glenda, Claire, Oliver and other CAW members deserve a big “high five” for their organisation. Hopefully WCC will take note of the demand, and institute a regular motor free day on the Peninsula. If you want this to happen, put in a submission on Wellington’s annual plan, as suggested by Wellington’s Mayor. The Miramar Ciclovia could also be a start for other Ciclovia in the city, following the examples of other cities such as Los Angeles and Bogota. A motor free Jervois Quay, anyone?