Last chance to put cycling in Wellington’s future


Today, 17 April, is the last chance to submit on Wellington City’s 10 year plan. if you’d like to Wellington to be the Copenhagen of the South Pacific in 2025, here’s your chance. You can either make a formal submission, or give quick feedback.

An improved cycling network is popular, according to the online feedback. It’s received the second most amount of feedback of the 28 proposals WCC has put up, with 90% in favour (unlike the airport runway,which has had the most feedback, but only 55% in favour).

You’ve probably got your own ideas, but you could suggest:

  • Complete key routes such as Petone – Wellington CBD, and Island Bay to CBD, as soon as possible.
  • Encourage transport modes such as cycling that don’t generate fossil fuel emissions.
  • Don’t privilege cars in transport planning. Motor vehicles create fossil fuel emissions, congestion, and promote obesity. Providing free parking, and wider roads only encourages car use.

If you’re really short of time, you can submit using Generation Zero’s quick submit.