Who are the “Folding Goldies”?


Are you over 65? Do you have a folding bike? Did you know that this means you can enhance your bike rides by using off peak public transport for free (Thanks, Winston and the NZ taxpayer). If you have a Gold Card you can travel for free on public transport in the Wellington Region between 9am and 3pm, after 6:30pm and at weekends.   If you have a folding bike, you can take it on trains, buses and ferries without the limitations imposed on standard bikes.

Folding Goldies are a group of people with Gold Cards and folding bikes, who organise occasional rides in the Wellington Region using public transport. On our inaugural ride, we took the train to Upper Hutt, then biked down the Hutt River Trail to lunch at a Petone Cafe. The next expedition, on 21 August, will involve the train to Waikanae and an exploration of the Kapiti Coastal Cycle Route.

More details at the Folding Goldies website.

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