Memorial Ride at Parliament 1pm Tuesday 15th

Join us at Parliament 1pm Tuesday 15th to demand action on safer cycling.

Are you as upset as I am about cycling deaths?
Following two recent deaths, lots of people want action.
Student nurse Sharla Haerewa was riding in a Christchurch cycle lane, had lights and high vis.
Teacher Jocelyn Goodwin was riding in a Palmerston North cycle lane on a training ride.
Clearly we aren’t doing enough to protect the 1.5 million New Zealanders who ride bikes.

Join me at a rally at Parliament at 1pm on Tue 15 April.
We’ll ask all political parties to commit to taking quick action on the Cycling Safety Panel‘s report, due in Sept.
The report is likely to recommend protected cycle lanes on busy roads, traffic calming, and effective education for all road users. Less than 1% of the transport budget is spent on cycling. This needs to change.
The Safety Panel meets on Tuesday in Wellington. There are also rides and gatherings around New Zealand.
Updates at  twitter #MemorialRide

Make your voice heard. 


One thought on “Memorial Ride at Parliament 1pm Tuesday 15th

  1. NigelTwo

    I was surprised to be ushered off the steps of parliament today by a hi-viz decorated security guard. Apparently “protesters” have to remain behind the barriers. Been called few things in my time, but never a protester.

    I never thought politicians could restrict themselves to just a few minutes talking, but they did. I am grateful we got their attention.

    The crosses on the lawn were a chilling reminder.

    Especially enjoyed the instant critical mass ride along the waterfront.


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