Stolen bikes

This message in from Tim:

I’m trying to spread the message about two bicycles that were stolen off the back of my car last weekend overnight as my fiancé and I were stopped for the night on heading north to Auckland.

One is a brown 52cm Salsa Vaya, the other a XS Giant Rove XR.

Would it be possible for you to place a message on your site about these? I have notified the police, local bike shops and posted on a few other sites.

Please keep an eye out, and contact the police if you see them.

image image_1

One thought on “Stolen bikes

  1. Barbara Appleby

    Hello fellow cyclists – I am writing to ask for your help please. We are two ladies (a kiwi & a canuk) who will be exploring NZ by push bike this spring 2014 (winter for us up north). My kiwi friend Sally already has her English 3 speed Phillips bicycle which her parents special ordered through Appleby’s store in Palmerston, Otago. I would like to find an English Ladies 3 speed push bike – a Phillips, Raleigh or similar with 26″ wheels for our journey. I would be chuffed if the bike was from Doug and Dez’s Appleby store in Palmerston, Otago as my surname is Appleby! Please put the word out. I can be contacted at:
    Also if you know of someone who can tune-up one of these old bikes in preparation for our 2,000+ kms around NZ I would appreciate your recommendation. cheers, barbara


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