Wunderbike – new free bike share in Wellington

Wünderbike is a community bike sharing program that was started by volunteers from the Mechanical Tempest in conjunction with the Aro Valley Community Centre.

Wünderbike is a free bike-sharing program for Wellingtonians and visitors.
Borrow a wünderbike to speed up errands, take a leisurely ride along the harbour or go for a weekend bike trip.
To promote bike safety we provide riders with a helmet, lights and a bike lock.

We have a fleet of 5 snazzy and multi-coloured bikes in a range of styles and sizes from mountain bikes to single speed beach cruisers. Many of them have rear racks and all have kicks stands and bells for safe and easy riding.

Become a Wünderbike member by filling out a form at the Aro Valley Community Centre or online from our membership page. (You must bring photo ID when you rent your first bike)
Members can rent bikes for up to one week.

Check them out for opening times and contact details: http://www.wunderbike.blogspot.co.nz/

One thought on “Wunderbike – new free bike share in Wellington

  1. Wow, this is a pretty cool thing. And definitely better than what is going on in other cities across the globe. I don’t think any of them offer a selection of different bike types as well as the helmet and such.


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