The Great Outdoor Summer Events Programme 2014 is here!

Greater Wellington has a host of events planned for the summer. A bunch of them are family friendly (and others super-fit people friendly) bike rides. Check out the info from their website or download a printable version of their programme right here: Great Outdoor Summer Events Programme 2014.

Key events are the Pencarrow Coast ride on the 25th January, Pedalling in the Park (for kids) on 6th April and Cycle the Rimutaka Trail on 1st of Feb.

Explore the regional parks and forests on your doorstep with Greater Wellington’s Great Outdoors Summer Events programme. We offer more than 50 events, set in some of the region’s most spectacular landscapes.

Nearly all events are within one hour’s drive of Wellington city and hosted by people that know the area well.

To see more information about the events:

  • check out the events calendar 

  • download and print out the calendar of events to your right or 

  • go to our Facebook site  to see some of the big events, like our page and chat about what is going on.


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