2014 – a great year to get on your bike!

Happy New Year from Cycling in Wellington!
Start off the year right by getting on your bike.

Greater Wellington Region Council’s awesome “Active a2B” programme has just kicked off and will help you achieve your active commuting goals for the year.
Register for Active a2b today!



Register for Active a2b today!

Back at work or soon to be back at school but dreaming about getting away again? Sign up to Active a2b and you can get away on a daily basis!

Incorporating walking or cycling into your commute is one way to have a little holiday each day. Take the scenic route, breathe a little faster and get the endorphins pumping.

As part of the Active a2b programme you’ll have access to:
• Tools to support your efforts: a desktop calendar to record your progress, a goal magnet to keep you on track, a bike buddy scheme to get you started, an online journey planner, cycle workshops and more!
• Discounts: at participating stores; on local event entries and on quality pedometers.
• a2b Go: the four week active transport challenge with great prizes.
• Motivation to keep it up: a regular newsletter sharing inspiring stories from fellow participants, individualised phone support, a Facebook community and great prizes.

You don’t need an app for this – a bike or some shoes will do.  Just click here to start the journey!

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