iRide Women’s Night – 24th October

iRide has been having a ‘Women’s ride month’, and although we’ve missed a few of their events, there’s a get together tonight for those interested. Check out details below, their website or facebook page (bottom of page) for more info.


Women’s Ride Month in October with iRIDE and Specialized

Please help with raising awareness of these events. We want to get as many women along as we can so they can learn about the great sport of cycling and meet like minded folk.

Key events for ride month:
Tuesday : No Drop Rides from Freyberg
Time 5.45pm for 60-90 mins.
Dates : Tues 8th and 22nd

Sunday rides
Time : 8.30 am
2.5 hrs +
Rides with shorter options

Womens night: General get together to meet each other
Date : Thursday the 24th.
Time 6.15pm
Guest speakers : Olympian Kate McIroy, Nic Johnson, Dave Harding-Shaw.
Discussion topics may include (nutrition, training for Taupo, clothing etc)

Womens Maintenance Clinic
Date : Thursday the 31st at iRIDE
Time : 5.45pm
Covering the basics of puncture repair, using Co2, lubing your chain.


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