Road Rights and Responsibilities discussion/bar evening (Frocks on Bikes)

Frocks on Bikes is running a Road Rights evening together with Pedal Ready. Please email them for more info or to register!WEDNESDAY 24TH JULY, 6PM

We all know it’s a jungle out there on the roads…. but when are we actually within our rights to do those quick cheeky manoeuvres that get us through the traffic… or in front of the slow cars…. and when are we actually breakin’ the law?  What should a savvy Frocker do to get around safely in the real Wellington streets, and what’s the ill behaviour we should avoid at all costs?

Find out the answers to all these questions and more:  join Frocks and the road-savvy guru (and everyday stylish bike-commuter) Marilyn Northcotte (of Pedal Ready fame) for the Road Rights & Responsibilities evening.

The evening will be held at Library Bar, where you can enjoy a nice beverage while finding out everything you ever wanted to know  – RSVP and you’ll have a chance to enjoy a treat!

There are limited spots available, so email us at to get in!

Thanks to Marilyn and Pedal Ready for running this evening.
road rights evening promo

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