Coroner’s inquest – the media angle

The coroner’s enquiry into recent cycling deaths is coming to a close in Christchurch this week, which has got the media (albeit only the morning news shows) talking. I have to be honest, and say that I wasn’t expecting anything new from these interviews, just the usual focus on hi-vis and who is to blame. But I was pleasantly surprised by both. The interviewers seemed genuinely interested and the interviewees were eloquent, articulate and made some bloody good points!


See for yourself:


From the Nod for Jane Facebook page, here’s an interview with Jane’s sister, Tina:


And here’s TV3/Firstline’s take on the inquest; an interview with Glen Koorey.


I’ll try to keep adding links here to any relevant articles.  Please add them in the comments if I haven’t already.


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