Wellington City Cycle Forum – 1 May 2013

How happy are you with cycling in Wellington? The Council wants to hear from you.

Her Worship the Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown invites you to the Wellington City Cycle Forum. The Forum is to discuss cycling and issues affecting cyclists in the city. Existing and prospective cyclists will have an opportunity to find out more about what the Council is doing and to join the discussion about what more needs to be done.

The forum will be in the Council Chambers, 101 Wakefield Street on Wednesday 1 May 2013. The forum will begin at 5.30pm, with light refreshments provided from 5.00pm.


1 – what Council has done

2 – what Council proposes to do – including updates from recently completed feasibility studies investigating the Great Harbour Way, Island Bay to the city and the South Coast

3 – key cycling routes – have we got our understanding of the network right ?

4 – new initiatives cyclists would like to see

Registration is essential for catering and venue purposes. Please RSVP to cycling@wcc.govt.nz by 24 April.

4 thoughts on “Wellington City Cycle Forum – 1 May 2013

  1. Heya

    Would be great to see more designated cycleways, we only require 1/3 of the road, would be good to see a push towards cycle friendly crossings. The camber on a lot of Wellington roads isn’t great for cyclists, the gradient and channels are sometimes quite hard to navigate. These are problems I have with cycling in Wellington, percerptions that motorists have are harder to change. People can seem impatient at times. Look forward to hearing from others.



  2. Andrea Gray

    I am pleased with some of the bike-related improvments underway. I would like to see more bike lanes that don’t peter out, greater width shoulders that are not gravelly & glass-ridden so that you can actually ride in them where lanes are not possible, more bike lights at intersections like the busses hve in some places, dual signage for bikes in bus lanes where this is permitted (and I understand it is in some places but won’t work if busses don’t know that).


  3. Katja Riedel

    I recently learned that it is not forbidden for cars to park in cycle lanes. If this is really the case then this should be made a law. It creates one of the most dangerous situations, having to pull out of the cycle lane into the moving traffic.


  4. Karen Hofmann-Body

    I commute from Island Bay into the city. The intersection I hate riding through the most is the Adelaide Road / John St intersection heading south – you have to get across two lanes of traffic turning left and then sit in the middle of the road in the straight ahead lane. Surely we could have one lane turning left and make room for a left turn cycle lane and a straight ahead cycle lane.
    The other peeve I have is all the islands they have created jutting out into the road to narrow it – presumably for pedestrians. The trouble is it forces bikes out into the traffic flow as they have to go around them.
    It would be great to have a cycle lane down Cambridge/Kent terrace as well – perhaps down the middle?


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