Frocks on Bikes – fundraising appeal for Velo-City

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Frocks On Bikes has sparked an everyday revolution in NZ: year on year, more and more Kiwi women of all ages, sizes and styles are getting from A to B on bikes.

But how’s this possible? Everyone knows NZ’s a tough gig for everyday cycling.  Kiwis have long seen cycling as a sport, or for greenies, or for dedicated Cyclists only. Like most other NZ cycle advocacy groups, Frocks On Bikes is 100% volunteers, with zero budget, and everyone has day jobs.

Yet in five years we’ve started a movement rolling. Nationwide, steadily increasing numbers of Kiwi women are getting on bikes everyday – at their own pace, in their own style, in their everyday life. They’re not “turning into cyclists”, they’re just using bikes as another way to get from A to B, day to day. And they’re enjoying all the benefits that come with it!

So how are we pulling this off – in a tough environment like NZ?

People around the world are fascinated to hear the answer: Frocks On Bikes has been accepted to present at the prestigious VeloCity 2013 conference in Vienna!

It will take $5,000 to get Christina there and present Frocks’ NZ story to the world.  Frocks is a not-for-profit and everything we do for you is free or nominally charged. Please help us!

Pledge here:

Read more here:

Or watch here:


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