Bikes on Trains Update


News release from Greater Wellington Regional Council

In 2012 we began a trial allowing cyclists to take their bikes onboard designated peak time train services from Upper Hutt to Wellington in the morning and from Wellington to Upper Hutt in the evening, regardless of what type of train operated. We are pleased to inform you that this trial has been extended, and cycles can now be taken onboard the following peak time services:

Kapiti Line

To Wellington
From Wellington

7.02 am from Waikanae
8.05 am from Waikanae
4.15 pm from Wellington
4.55 pm from Wellington

Hutt Line

To Wellington
From Wellington

7.00 am from Upper Hutt
8.00 am from Upper Hutt
4.17 pm from Wellington
5.07 pm from Wellington

We expect the Council to consider the trial at its March meeting. The trial will remain in place until further notice. Cycles can also be taken on any train service on the Wairarapa, Johnsonville and Melling lines at any time. Cycles can still not be taken onboard other peak time services as outlined in the cycles on trains policy.

In addition, we are currently undertaking a very short survey to gauge opinion on allowing bikes on weekday peak train services. Please take the time to fill out the survey, which will be available online until 27 February, and to distribute the link amongst your peers.


One thought on “Bikes on Trains Update

  1. I love hearing that bikes are allowed on trains more often. Some of our services are limited to just Folding Bikes, and full sized bikes have to be pre-booked. Even then its often a maximum of two per train!


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