Join Active a2b and get on your bike!

What is Active a2b?

Active a2b is a free health and wellbeing programme run by Greater Wellington Regional Council and health partners to encourage people to walk or cycle to work. It doesn’t matter if you can’t walk or cycle the whole journey, there’s often a way to combine transport options so you can still reap the health benefits.

Why would you want to incorporate walking or cycling into your journey to work?

·         You’ll get fitter.

·         You’ll arrive at work energised, alert and ready to face the day.

·         It’s often faster than you think.

·         Human-powered transport saves you money.

Active a2b is tailored to the individual. You can choose from a list of helpful tools like a desktop calendar, goal magnet, bike buddies programme, cycle workshops, reflective gear and more! You can also take part in the region wide active commuter challenge Streets Alive! from February 13 to March 12.

When you join Active a2b, you’ll receive a membership card which gives you discounts, a fortnightly e-newsletter until the programme ends in April and as a special extra for 2013, a free Active a2b gift.

You can read more about the specific tools and gifts here.

Registering for the programme is easy and only takes a few minutes. Choose the tools which suit you and get active!

Register here from January 7!


I’ve just registered as an “experienced cycling mentor” for the cycling buddy programme… unfortunately my commuting hours are a bit irregular but hopefully I can help a bike newbie heading from Newtown to the CBD out at some point!


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