Bike racks

In an effort to provide a useful resource for shops/offices/companies on what cyclists do and don’t want for cycle parking, I’m collating some info here. Any suggestions or tips, please add to the comments!

Cyclists numbers in Wellington have doubled over the past six years, so it’d be great to see the parking situation catch up. No one wants to lock up to a parking sign, or obstruct the footpath – best way to avoid it is with proper cycle racks!

Bike racks we love:

Image borrowed from

New Zealand made ‘Bikerakk‘ – eye-catching design – it’s hard to miss – and made from soft recycled materials so it won’t scratch your bike. Added benefit is that shops can use the ‘wheel space’ for advertising.

Something different – Zealandia has these fancy looking stands, which, though not terribly practical, do look very swish.

The old faithful Sheffield stand – boring as they may be, they are functional and cheap. And most certainly better than nothing at all!

There’s a few more ideas here.

Seeing as this post is motivated by trying to get the new Countdown in Newtown to put in bike racks, why not put in some Cargo Bike parking? It’d be a first for New Zealand, and a great place to start – seeing as they’re across the road from the cargo bike shop. Plus, what better way to carry home your shopping?

Ponsonby Library
Ponsonby Library

On a recent trip up to Auckland I spotted these classic looking racks outside Ponsonby Library – pretty and practical (although perhaps not if you need to lean your bike).

Bikerakk Mini in Auckland
Bikerakk Mini in Auckland


And this little doo-dacky (next to the CityHop car) is a fairly common site – tacked onto parking signs around the city. Perhaps something WCC could investigate? Would these be cheaper/easier to install (making use of existing parking signs) than inserting Sheffield stands into the ground from scratch?

What other bike racks work well? And are there any local guidelines in existence on rack placement, numbers, size, shape, etc? 

There’s a google map listing places where we’d like more bike racks…

[View Bike parking stands in Wellington in a larger map]

…Is there one saying where they exist? It looks like Greater Wellington’s excellent Journey Planner has/had intentions to add bike racks – they’re on the legend in any case. Might be a useful resource to add, especially to the mobile app!



3 thoughts on “Bike racks

  1. Simon Kennett

    The bike racks are in for Wellington City (who kindly provided their data in digital form). To see them you do need to have designed or selected a journey, and then zoom in close. The data will be a couple of years out of date – drop a comment in down below if you know of any we’re missing. I’ll check this post and add another batch next week.


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