Forget the Hobbit premiere… Critical Mass is the most exciting event of the month!

Hello friends and fellow people who like to ride bikes.


This Friday, 30 November, 2012 is the last Friday of the month.  That means a group of truly awesome people gather together at about 5:30 pm in Civic Square, and head out for a ride around streets of Wellington’s CBD to raise awareness and draw attention to cycling as an alternative means of transportation.  We cruise past the after-work drinks crowds on Featherston St & Courtney Place, ringing our bells, proudly exclaiming “Bikes rule!”, “Critical Mass”.  Other cheers as you see fit are of course encouraged.  Perhaps “Bikes are the future!” or  “Burn fat, not oil”.

We stop at red lights and pedestrian crossings, because part of promoting cycling means being polite and friendly, rather than alienating potential cyclists who may currently be on foot or (gasp) in a car.

After finishing up with our triumphant bike-raise on Cuba Street, we go and eat some food and have a drink with our new and old friends.

Don’t be shy! Please join us, say hello to everyone you don’t know when you arrive, and enjoy a ride with some awesome people on a hopefully beautiful summer evening.

I really hope to see you there.






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