Guest cross-post by the awesome Sexify Bicycles.

I’ve been playing with this idea for a while now: photoshopping a street I ride a lot to show what it could easily be like if street design in this country were brought up to date with international best practices in safety and livability for vulnerable road users. Wellington goes Dutch – putting the Zeeland back into New Zealand.

I admit it’s not perfect, but it’s a first try. (And finding time for this on top of an 80-hour workweek is not unchallenging!)

Why? Because pictures speak louder than words – pictures help people see for themselves how things could be.

I would adore forever anyone who could create a drag-and-drop street redesign app for communities to express their desires and suggestions in images to their elected representatives.


4 thoughts on “Redesign

  1. Great job.
    Note the Copenhagen-style lane on the far side, between parked cars and the footpath.

    It’s better to use parked cars as a buffer between traffic and bikes, rather than bikes as the buffer to protect parked cars.

    Riddiford St by the hospital is as wide as any street in Wellington – so why no bike lanes? We are often told that Wellington streets are too narrow for bike lanes. This shows what’s possible.

    Why have we failed to achieve decent bike lanes? What should our strategy be?


    1. Andy

      Completely agree with you Patrick , I remember when they re-designed Riddiford St and thought they might have the vision to put in some cycles lanes , sadly no ! . As far as the loss of parking goes raised by other posts, they have just finished the underground hospital car park with the addition of a heap of extra car parks as well as the new one on Mein St with the another 100+ parks. Clearly they have invested in car parking capacity so a bit of love for cyclists would be great, it’s all about balancing stakeholders needs right ?


  2. Brent C

    As a cyclist, I think your design is great, but you are going to have some challenges removing on street car parking. Dominion Road in Auckland is a good example of this. Unfortunately in NZ, removing car parking so a handful of people can for a “sunday bike ride” just will not happen. These attitudes wont be changed overnight, but as more cyclists hit the road, there will be a shift in peoples attitudes towards cycling.

    I think there are some other gold plated cycle facilities could be designed, such as Kent/Cambridge and Taranaki, possibly using the centre of the road.


  3. Simon Kennett

    Some of the traffic coming through that part of Riddiford will be avoiding congestion in the Mt Vic tunnel. After the tunnel duplication happens would be a good time for this road to undergo a diet and have cycle lanes introduced. Although I suspect a bus lane on Riddiford is more likely (and a cycle route over on Tasman/Tory).

    At the moment when WCC chooses between bike lanes and on-street parking, parking wins 9 times out of 10 (with plenty of support from local businesses). But the appetite for cycle infrastructure is growing as fast as cycling mode share.


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