Bikes on trains update: Upper Hutt line

Copenhagen train. Image credit: Patrick Morgan
As you’ll know, bikes can only be taken on the new Matangi trains during off-peak times. Cyclists have still been able to take their bikes on the older Ganz Mavag-type trains during the peak as they have a separate dedicated area for bikes.
TranzMetro and Greater Wellington have endeavoured to meet the needs of commuting cyclists by providing a Ganz Mavag train for specific services, however, with the increasing number of Matangi now in service, it is becoming more difficult to do this. One service that used to be provided by Ganz Mavag, the 7am from Upper Hutt into Wellington, is now regularly operated by Matangi train sets.
TranzMetro and Greater Wellington have decided to trial the impact of allowing bikes to be taken on the 7am Upper Hutt – Wellington service and 5.17pm Wellington – Upper Hutt service, regardless of train type. The trial is only for these specific services, and that existing bike limits of three per two-car set still apply.
High passenger loadings preclude passengers from taking their bikes on other Matangi services, but passengers will still be able to take their bikes on services operated by the older Ganz Mavag trains, as has always been the case.
Greater Wellington has said this trial will operate until further notice. 

8 thoughts on “Bikes on trains update: Upper Hutt line

  1. jwq

    Where can I find official notice of this to confirm?

    There’s no 5:17 p.m. train departing Wellington station on the Hutt line (I believe the train departing at 5:17 p.m. is on the Kapiti line). On the Hutt line, the 5:07 and 5:22 p.m. trains depart Wellington for Upper Hutt – which of these is allowing bikes regardless of train type?

    Do the train guards know or will they still refuse carriage of bikes?

    BTW, dates on posts would be really helpful.


  2. Tass Larsen, Greater Wellington

    The trial is on the following services;
    the 7.00 am from Upper Hutt;
    the 5.07 pm from Wellington to Upper Hutt.

    These are two of the services where we had previously promised to try and schedule a Ganz Mavag train. As this has been difficult with the increased number of Matangi, we are trialling letting bikes on these services,regardless of train type.

    Train guards should all know.

    We will be doing some more publicity when some other matters are clarified, but in the mean time it is noted here under GanzMavag services:



  3. Jason

    Sorry guys, but the train staff have not been told of this change.

    And will probably refuse to carry cycles on those 2 trains till they get something official from Metro management.


  4. jwq

    I can confirm – I boarded the 5:07 p.m. Matangi train at Waterloo and had an extended (but amicable) discussion with the train guard about the trial exception to the exclusion period. Staff who are running the trains have not been informed despite what Tass wrote and what I was told on the telephone by another person from the GWRC.

    Metlink’s Cycles on Trains Policy page is not accessible from a mobile phone – only a reduced “mobile” site is presented – so I couldn’t show the trial exception note 😦


  5. Tass Larsen, Greater Wellington


    Sorry about that – we agreed the trial some weeks ago, and I understood staff had all been told. I’ve passed on these comments to KiwiRail, so hopefully information has gone out now.

    The Council has decided to broaden the trial to cover some other services, so we are getting the on-train information redone – hopefully that will make it easier for both staff and cyclists.



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