Speaking of Helmets…

Hot on the tail of more helmet discussion, I was talking with my mom about costume ideas for Halloween (trying to think of something that involves a bike…) when she said “I heard a report on NPR about how helmet laws discourage cycling.”  I was very excited to hear the the word was spreading even to Midwestern American hairdressers in their 60’s!
A quick search led me to “Q with Jian Ghomeshi”, a CBC radio programme. This week’s debate is “Do bike helmet laws discourage cycling?”.

According to my mom, “They didn’t come up with any final decisions, but it was an interesting discussion”.  The debate describes successes with Europe’s bike-sharing schemes in countries without mandatory helmet laws, and even mentions how helmet laws in NZ and Australia mean that cycling is less pervasive here.
Listen here:
Bike helmet debate on QNew York Times international environmental correspondent Elisabeth Rosenthal on why dropping helmet rules encourages cycling. Followed by a debate on the merits and drawbacks of helmets.Listen 26:14


One thought on “Speaking of Helmets…

  1. Chris Glover Kapiti coast NZ

    WHERE’S YOUR HELMET! or silly hat.
    The bicycle helmet law is possibly the most stupid law that has ever been made. It has put a lot of people off cycling particularly children; school bike stands and sheds were full now they are empty or have been removed .That’s more like a 90 percent reduction in cycling since the introduction of a mandatory helmet law in NZ on 1 January 1994. There was no proper research or public consultation. Reducing the number of people cycling is bad for public health and leads to less demand for better, safer conditions for cycling. It’s the chicken and egg effect.


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