New Journey Planner app

The wonderful and useful Wellington Journey Planner is now available as an app for your smart phone.

If you’ve not used the web version of this tool before it is well worth a visit. You can plan journeys – by bike or foot – and select the most direct route, the one with the least hills, or one that stops past your favourite cafe. It tells you what you’re saving in car/fuel costs, how many calories you’ll burn, what you save in health costs and carbon emissions. But best of all, it gives you an elevation, so you can alter your trip to avoid big hills (or to include them if you’re that way inclined).

I hear the app version even makes use of the GPS feature in most smart phones to find your current location. Pretty cool.

Check out the app, available for both iphones and android:

Thanks to the team at GW for making this happen!


One thought on “New Journey Planner app

  1. Robin

    In case anyone else gets confused, the app is region restricted, so if you’re currently travelling in the Netherlands for example, you can’t install it. This is also bad marketing should people be planning to visit Wellington. Any chance the restriction could be removed?


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