Looking for new bloggers

It spring – time for growing!

So we’re putting the call out for some new blogging ‘blood’ to join our teams in Cycling in AucklandCycling in Wellington and Cycling in Christchurch!

This is your opportunity to have people around the world hanging off your every word, waiting with baited breath for your latest observation or insightful idea, become a household name (well certain households anyway), join the growing fraternity of self-made bicycle blogging celebrities.

Alternatively, if fame is not your thing, come up with an alter ego … a pen name, a ‘nom de plume’. The freedom of having an a.k.a is fabulous!

The process of blogging is very simple (just like writing and email really) so you don’t need any technical knowledge, just the impulse to share your ideas and thoughts. So, if I’ve wetted your appetite and you would like to find out more, just drop me a line at unity.finesmith@gmail.com or contact me on twitterfacebook or through the contact pages on any of the websites.


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