New Urban Bicycle Accessories Online Store!

There’s a great new online accessories store, Bells and Whistles, – and they’re having a sale on lights and mudguards! Even better, the lights sale includes MONKEYLECTRIC LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!


Monkeylectrics are cool. I can assure you I never have visibility problems with these things on the front wheel. If you happen to see a Gazelle step-through pimped out with flashing patterns, say hi!



5 thoughts on “New Urban Bicycle Accessories Online Store!

  1. Dave

    Wicked! They are sooo cool. I can’t believe I haven’t seen anyone with these Monkeylectric lights. Could well be the next craze among urban cyclists.


  2. I’ve had one of the smaller Monkeylectric light sets for about three months. Very, very visible at night, although it’s hard to tell how well the persistence of vision effect works when you’re actually on the bike. I’ve had a number of people compliment me on how visible I am when the lights are on.


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