Awesome new cycling safety vids narrated by Stephen Fry!

Made by locals Little Fighter Films and narrated by the one & only Mr S. Fry, Esq.


5 thoughts on “Awesome new cycling safety vids narrated by Stephen Fry!

  1. nik

    Where’s the polite car driver video? The one that asks them not to run cyclists off the road; or door them, close shave them, throw things and scream abuse?


  2. Really, really not liking the courtesy video. Get off and walk round the bus so you don’t hold it up at all?

    What kind of message is that?

    Cyclists, know your place.

    The others are better though, just that one is a real problem.


    1. Really? When I was a kid our car (a lovely old Morris Minor) wasn’t too good on the hills. We would always pull over & let faster traffic get past.

      I don’t really see the problem with slower traffic showing a bit of courtesy to faster traffic.


      1. Okay, maybe that came off a bit curmudgeonly, and yep if you’re going uphill in a 900cc car and someone is trying to pass you, fine (we had a Morris too when I was little, vinyl seats, ouch) but in a city context when everyone is going in the same direction and at similar speeds I’m not so sure.

        As we all know in reality it’s not the bikes that are holding up the cars and buses, it’s the other cars and buses.

        If the bus is pulling out, sure, let it out like any other sensible road user, but not sure they’ve got the message entirely right here, and think it underlines how many drivers think we should behave.

        But that’s just my 10c.


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