NZTA wants to know what to do about the Ngauranga-Petone link

The NZTA are getting in on the party with some serious consultation about the Ngauranga to Petone cycle link. To some extent I’m not sure why they’re consulting as it seems plain to me that the best thing to do is put in Dutch-quality cycle infrastructure – like this bike path, which runs alongside a motorway:

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Regardless of the necessity of consulting, it’s a great idea to take 30 seconds to fill out the survey and show the NZTA the overwhelming support for this infrastructure development. There’s also the opportunity to put your hand up for a focus group session.

With infrastructure developments like this on the cards, it starts to feel as though the tailwind is growing!


One thought on “NZTA wants to know what to do about the Ngauranga-Petone link

  1. Brent C

    I think it is good that NZTA are consulting with the public. There may be certain people who are affected by the construction of this project and others who have a good suggestion. There is also the possibility that information may be received.

    At the end of they day, this is a very exciting project. The more people that support this project, the more pressure there will be to get it done!


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