World (NZ) Domination!

For the past nine months or so, Unity of Cycling in Auckland and I have been discussing WORLD DOMINATION or, as it might be better put, setting up an overarching cycling website and completing the set with Cycling in Christchurch (CIC).

I’m happy to announce that Cycling in Christchurch is now a reality. Please head on over and check it out!

Unity is still working on the overarching website but essentially this will hold all the generic pages that are not place specific. It seems sensible to put this in one place rather than duplicating the same information on each site.


You will also notice that CIW has an email sign up form for just CIW posts or posts from all of the websites. This means that you can receive your posts in a single email, if you like to follow us but aren’t the RSS type. This is also on the CIC website and will appear on CIA shortly.

So let me know your thoughts and ideas, and if you know anyone in Christchurch who would like to blog on the site, please let them know – you/they can contact Unity through the contact page.



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