New Dunedin rail tunnels ride?

We love the idea of more places to ride, and we love helping out fellow cyclists.

There’s a Trust down south that’s aiming to get a cycleway open in Dunedin through a couple of old rail tunnels, the Caversham and Chain Hills tunnels. It’s the Dunedin Tunnels Trail Trust, info at

They’re doing a bit of fundraising to get this show on the road, and we like the way they’re doing it. The fundraiser itself is a great t-shirt sale that closes next week: a 3 week campaign that only proceeds if they get to 100 orders.  The shirts are dry tech (rather than plain cotton), and work out at approx $NZ35 including shipping ($US20 + $US6.85). You can check out the t-shirts at

It works like this: you order a t-shirt and the shirt is sent over (so far so normal), BUT the money will only be taken and the shirt sent if the number of orders  reaches 100 or more by the campaign end date of 5th June. At present they’re sitting on 74 – so close!

Dunedin is a bit far for an afternoon’s ride from Lyall Bay, but a t-shirt is a t-shirt wherever you are plus you get to help out on something dear to all our hearts. So go on, check it out and put a few bucks where your wheels want to be!


5 thoughts on “New Dunedin rail tunnels ride?

  1. Brenda

    The photo appears to be a man’s t-shirt… And I can’t see where I pick women’s style instead. Is it for man shaped people only?


  2. Gerard

    Sorry Brenda, just the one style and colour, with the selection of sizes. For the actual style, click on the Drytech link on the page. The main image shows the cheaper cotton type.


  3. Liz Q

    I notice there is no way of seeing the measurements of the size anywhere on the page. Is it not too much to ask for even that? How would i know if its too small or really large? Its bad enough that there are only mens shaped ones


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